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  • Hey, Conan O'Brien here.

  • And I'd like to specifically talk right now

  • to the great state of Arizona.

  • Listen up 'Zonans, put down those crystals

  • and stop staring into the majestic Grand Canyon

  • 'cause I have a message for you.

  • There's an election this November,

  • so make sure you're registered to vote.

  • Now I know Arizona is so excited

  • that you might not have even heard of the election.

  • Being so busy with your bolo ties

  • and your teal arch McDonald's.

  • But it's time to make your voice heard somewhere besides

  • an epic ASU vs. U of A football game.

  • And yes, I know it's hard to find time to register

  • between partying on houseboats,

  • exporting precious natural resources

  • like copper, turquoise, and Emma Stone.

  • Taking care of three gorgeous national parks,

  • explaining, "but it's a dry heat" to everyone that visits,

  • and challenging tumbleweeds to duels.

  • (flute plays)

  • But it's still important to our democracy.

  • Plus you're the only state that didn't fall

  • for the scam that is daylight savings.

  • Which means the people of Arizona aren't fools

  • like the rest of us.

  • So Arizona, make sure you're registered.

  • The deadline for voter registration is October 5th.

  • Take all that positive Sedona vortex energy

  • and let it carry your spirit to the polls.

  • Trust me Arizona, the only thing more delicious

  • than your Sonoran-style hot dogs

  • is the sweet taste of democracy.

Hey, Conan O'Brien here.

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Conan's Swing State PSAs: Arizona Edition

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/30
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