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  • (slow piano music)

  • - My job,

  • I enjoy it very much.

  • My contribution conservation,

  • it's something that make me proud.

  • Working with rangers and patrols,

  • with guides,

  • with animal trackers.

  • This is the best office in the world.

  • (slow piano music)

  • - The growth of the country and the energy,

  • it's almost duplicated in any other sphere of the society,

  • so like,

  • coffee shops,

  • art centers,

  • you feel that energy.

  • The energy,

  • the creativity is part of the whole fabric

  • of society right now.

  • It's a vibe.

  • (slow piano music)

  • - I'm trying to push the boundaries

  • of things which are made in Rwanda,

  • taking the inspiration from what we have traditionally,

  • but make them more modern.

  • My inspiration for my designs,

  • the colorful patterns all over Rwanda

  • and our tradition too.

  • I love to go in the market

  • and just watch people how they combine colors.

  • It's beautiful.

  • - Nyungwe National Park is a mountain rainforest.

  • It's a park rich in biodiversity.

  • We have 13 species of primates,

  • more than 300 species of birds

  • and it's where we have the fastest source of the Nile.

  • There is something special that we need to protect.

  • (slow piano music)

  • - I'm proud of my country because the resilience

  • and willingness to work hard,

  • to learn from each other.

  • Together, we'll go further than if we work individually.

  • What's unique about Rwandan coffee is the altitude,

  • the environment makes a huge difference.

  • You get that smooth refreshing taste

  • and we have won numerous awards.

  • - The past has a big influence also to how I see Rwanda.

  • For example I use intore,

  • the traditional dancers.

  • It's beautiful and it's graceful.

  • So that's what I wanted to explain it in my clothes.

  • It's graceful but strong at the same time.

  • - There's a word that we use called agaciro.

  • Agaciro means the idea of self worth,

  • self respect.

  • And it translates in everything that we do.

  • - Agaciro means the dignity of Rwandans,

  • working together,

  • put efforts together.

  • It makes me proud to be Rwandan.

  • - Agaciro for me it's a very powerful word

  • which has so much meaning.

  • Be grateful,

  • be respectful,

  • be resilient,

  • be an example.

  • - There is a new change,

  • there is a new Rwanda being created and I'm part of it.

  • - There's an energy that's out there

  • welcoming every single person to come visit Rwanda,

  • walk the streets,

  • talk to the people,

  • you'll be amazed what you discover.

  • - Rwanda is a land of dream.

(slow piano music)

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The Natural Beauty of Rwanda | National Geographic

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