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  • My job: it’s a lot about forecast.

  • It’s a lot about predictions.

  • I'm an actuary at Sun Life Financial.

  • It is selling life insurance so the first thing you have to do is figure out how much is Sun Life going to sell next year.

  • So you speak to the different areas, take all their information and you go back and say: okay how can I use this to predict the future.

  • We have evaluation of liabilities and various approaches.

  • We have the risk management function for the US operation.

  • And we have some oversight accountabilities.

  • So we're touching all the business units and ensuring that we're managing the overall risk of the organization.

  • The actuarial department is the center of product and innovation, risk management, financial management.

  • We design products, we do the pricing, we evaluate the product.

  • That’s the core of any business.

  • It’s the product.

  • As a student coming out of college you do receive significant support.

  • The company provides support, provides study hours and reimburses all the books you need for the actuarial exam.

  • We also have a very organized rotation program.

  • You get to experience some different types of roles and understand where you want to take your career and

  • that really helps provide a foundation for your career in the future.

  • Being a global company it opens up a wide range of opportunities for you.

  • What you learn about doing business as an actuary in the U.S. can easily be applied globally.

  • Much of the work that we do has a common foundation in the models that we develop and

  • the mathematics that underpin those models, and as a result it makes us a good profession to get those international opportunities.

  • At Sun Life, management makes sure actuaries get recognized whether it is through compensation,

  • whether it is through benefits and whether it is through promotions.

  • You want to get into a job with people that you love to see every day.

  • I still love coming here every day.

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Sun Life Financial - Actuary

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