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  • You know, we always talk about how teams who have toe win play with, like, this desperation and kind of a frenetic pace.

  • These guys, instead, I felt, looked really calm and poised, and they knew what they were doing out there from the start.

  • Yeah, if you watch this Siri's The first game was the first was the one game that wasn't close, and that was the game that Dragic and Bam out of Bio Borough, both got hurt.

  • Then after that, every game has come down to the wire.

  • Who's going to play well, who's going to knock down shots tonight?

  • It was very, very difficult to watch, though, when you look at, you know, obviously what Brown and A D did, especially Bronin, that first have really trying to set the tone even after Miami punch first.

  • But then, when you get down to the Thio, the supporting cast for the Lakers, Kyle Kuzma played 23 minutes and was minus 17 Markieff Morris played 23 minutes, took three shots and had one rebound, which was the final rebound of the game.

  • So then you could say, Well, maybe if their defense of specialists, but they're not really playing great defense.

  • You see, uh, what Jimmy Butler is getting what Duncan Robinson is doing, You know, I go back and look at you know, that last shot by Danny Green, and we all watched the last dance.

  • We saw Michael Jordan throw it off to Steve Kerr.

  • We've seen, you know, Kobe Bryant passing the ball to run our test in a Game seven against the Celtics, where Kobe Bryant was struggling.

  • If the Lakers were going to get this done, it's not going to be just brawn and a D.

  • It's going to need to be the other guys that have to step up and knock down shots, a couple of superstars, and this one had superstar type winning games.

  • LeBron goes for 40 and a loss, though, and on the other side, yeah, Jimmy Butler, going for 35 take us through what they were doing, especially going head to head down the stretch.

  • Well, the difference between the two players Jimmy Butler has been playing outstanding.

  • Jimmy Butler has been playing his best basketball of his career, but and it's improved every single game in this postseason, it feels like, and including in the finals.

  • You think Jimmy Butler couldn't play any better until he gets into the finals and he's going toe to toe with, you know, arguably the greatest player of all time, and it looks very even.

  • He's knocking down shots.

  • He didn't miss a free throw, including clutch free throws, going 12 for 12.

  • Jimmy Butler is out here putting on a clinic, and so when you're looking at Anthony Davis, you know, doing a good job on him.

  • Last game, you knew that Jimmy Butler was going to make some adjustments, those type of things, those type of I don't want to call it gimmicks.

  • But you're assuming that great players won't also make an adjustment and Jimmy Butler has been dominant.

  • But Duncan Robinson, he's really the story.

  • Duncan Robinson and what he's able to do what most of the time, people wanna look at Duncan Robinson's improvement, but it's really because bam out of Biles on the floor.

  • That's the floor general that has opened up things When Bam, out of Bio is playing, Duncan Robinson is at his best.

  • Take us through that last meaningful set the Lakers had.

  • They were down one.

  • I'm not talking about the launch three at the end, but LeBron gets triple or quadruple team kicked it out.

  • I mean, that's what your sister do in that situation.

  • Yeah, So what?

  • You watch the game.

  • Brown had gone to that pick and roll a few times.

  • They don't have an advantage if they bring Anthony Davis up in the pick and roll, so they try and get Tyler hero.

  • They try and get Duncan Robinson.

  • So Bron had been posting up, had been doing different things on this last play.

  • What he did is he really, really attacked the double team.

  • He drew four players, and then Danny Green had an open shot.

  • Now look, we've seen Danny Green knocked down shots for the San Antonio Spurs.

  • We've seen players are you have seen him knocked down shots for the Toronto Raptors?

  • That's what Danny Green is here to do.

  • Danny Green wants to make that shot, but when we look at this, that would have been one of the biggest shots you know in MBA Finals history.

  • Like I said, I repeat earlier, we've seen Michael Jordan past that ball to Steve Kerr and Steve Kerr, telling him I'm gonna be ready if they come and double team.

  • We've seen Ron Artest knock down that exact same shot for the Los Angeles Lakers when Kobe Bryant was struggling.

  • Like I said earlier.

  • So these guys are going to have to knock down shots and they have the ability.

  • They have the experience, but it still needs to get done.

  • Tim Legler correct me on my bad math in the previous series, when the Heat were down one game and I said, Would you rather be them or the other guys in the team with more wins is usually the one to go for.

  • But does Miami have some kind of weird, uh, energy going right now that's gonna propel them to force a Game seven?

  • No.

  • Well, this is my thing.

  • Everybody here in the bubble, you have to pack, right?

  • Everybody has flights tomorrow.

  • Everyone's planning no different than you put ropes around the court.

  • No different than you know.

  • You gotta have the champagne ready in the locker room.

  • But ultimately, in my opinion, I think Game six is the game for the Lakers.

  • They don't want it to go to seven, so game sick is going to be that boss game for them.

  • They already blue one here in Game five.

  • They had the opportunity.

  • You don't want to go to seven.

  • Because you know what that narrative is going to be for 48 hours.

  • So Game six is the one where they're gonna play like they're like, Everything is on the line.

  • They do not want a Game seven.

  • So I believe the advantage in that one goes to the Lakers were in this one.

  • It was the Miami Heat.

  • Are you gonna miss the bubble?

  • No.

  • I'm gonna miss playing Pickleball all day.

  • You know, that's what I'm gonna miss to tell you the truth, like you get about 4 to 5 hours of that, but mainly because of Scott Foster and the rest of the referees.

  • But I will say this hearing The referees say ball don't lie is one of the most mind blowing things I've ever experienced in my life.

  • Unusual, unique situation.

  • We're all going through.

  • Glad that you're down there covering it for us.

  • We'll see you next time.

You know, we always talk about how teams who have toe win play with, like, this desperation and kind of a frenetic pace.

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