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  • Jay, I know you were hot on this because you've been talking about co vid with relation to any sport that we've discussed.

  • And the fact that Justin Turner, the heart and soul off the Dodgers, 35 years old, been with them since 2014 had to be pulled in out of the game for coronavirus.

  • We found out afterwards on the field with his teammates celebrating, we could get into all the optics of that, including taking the all time picture for posterity, sitting between general manager Andrew Friedman and Dave Roberts in the picture with no mask with everyone in defending them except for Friedman saying, if it happened, even though he's sitting two inches from him.

  • If it happened, I guess it was bad for optics.

  • I'll give you Rob Manfred's response here in a second cause the commission had to come out after something like that happened.

  • But this has been an issue with you since the beginning.

  • With any sport, well, you have to paint the entire picture.

  • So think about when the season first started, when you had the defending national.

  • We have the defending champions playing against the Yankees, right?

  • The Nationals and Juan Soto got benched for eight games due to Cove It.

  • You fast forward to the end of the season to the world.

  • Siri's Justin Turner gets taken out of the game in the eighth, comes back and he's celebrating a world.

  • Siri's holding the championship up with co vid with Kobe.

  • That's the entire picture.

  • That's been the roller coaster ride we've had of 2020 Key.

  • You can't make it up, man.

  • It's just out for me, right?

  • I mean, it's an ouch because of the optics.

  • It's like, Ooh, yeah, but there's always a but coming behind that right, But I kind of understand, I kind of understand at the year they probably as a team and stuff they probably just was like we won were celebrating.

  • Well, it's over now.

  • I don't give a damn.

  • I mean, that's probably not over.

  • But you know what?

  • I'm talking about the gay in the world, serious.

  • It's kind of like I'm assuming That's the way they was thinking because he got pulled in the eighth.

  • He's taking a picture with the trophy stepping there.

  • I'm like, Oh, at that point I was sleep and I'm watching sit there next to the skipper to the manager Pulled his mask towel.

  • It's like, Okay, now, I don't know how that how do you explain that?

  • Probably shouldn't do that.

  • J t.

  • And I love J T.

  • Yeah, but how do you explain that the like, Is it?

  • Is it?

  • I talked all my teammates and they said, Cool, I don't care.

  • Like, what's the What's the excuse for it?

  • I don't know if I would be okay with it.

  • It just depends, man.

  • I'm just it's subject.

  • It just depends.

  • I mean, I guess I would be okay with it if we celebrating and we won the championship.

  • And I was in the Super Bowl and one of my teammates got yanked in the fourth quarter because he tested positive for covert and he came back out on the stage with us.

  • I probably would be like I probably would just be like, whatever, man.

  • You know, I I guess I just think this continues to be an indictment on major league baseball and how they handle this, right?

  • So he gets they find out that the results and I think was the bottom of the second were inconclusive.

  • Is this accurate?

  • Zubin?

  • Just making sure.

  • And then they come back in the eighth and they find out that these positive and they yank him from the game.

  • He's been around his teammates the entire game, batting practice.

  • All the things that go through their rituals have been around them last couple of days.

  • So then you yank him in eighth like that's going to make the world of a difference.

  • They took him out in the eighth because they got the positive test.

  • So I understand that, but like they can't leave him in.

  • I know I'm just saying no, like, how come it takes?

  • How come we have to find out the results in the eighth?

  • Because it took that time between those six innings?

  • But don't you get it back?

  • I know, but don't you don't you see the time it feels like that's just I don't know.

  • I don't know all the nuances of all the timing of the testing and how they figured it out.

  • But I'm just saying from the outside, looking at it's like man like you couldn't find out before the game.

  • There's no other rapid testing that you guys couldn't find this out before the game.

  • Apparently couldn't play.

  • Apparently.

  • Like I guess so.

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Jay, I know you were hot on this because you've been talking about co vid with relation to any sport that we've discussed.

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KJZ discusses Justin Turner celebrating on the field after positive COVID-19 test

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