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  • We're not like any other greenhouse or plant collection in the world.

  • By 2050, two-thirds of the world's population will live in cities.

  • By then, a tropical forest the size of India will be destroyed.

  • But one organization hopes to inspire people to care more about the world's plants.

  • It's a project that sets out to connect people with plants because it's... viewed that people have very little connection with plants throughout most of their lives.

  • The project has three biomes.

  • One houses the world's largest indoor rainforest.

  • Together, they hold over 3,000 plant species.

  • But education matters as much as the plants here.

  • If Eden has one particular skill,

  • it's about storytelling, and it's bringing to life stories that are quite difficult to understand, and could be quite dry.

  • The site has one million visitors annually.

  • Now, the organization is expanding.

  • We're working on seven or eight active sites at the moment.

  • We hope to have a site on at least every inhabited continent of the world because it's all very well having reached 18, 19 million people here.

  • But actually, if your mission is connecting people to the living world, you can only really do that on a global scale.

  • We've got three sites going in China.

  • The principal one is in Qingdao, China.

  • We're hoping to open, basically, in August 2020.

  • The original Eden Project was built on an abandoned clay quarry.

  • It's specifically happening in Cornwall because Cornwall was right for improvements.

  • There was quite a bit of poverty, quite a bit of land available for use, and the tourist industry that perhaps was not doing as well as it could have.

  • So there was a fantastic opportunity to reclaim it and turn it into a showcase for plants.

  • Each future site will aim to overhaul locations in a similar way.

  • The Qingdao site is at the end of its useful life, so it's been used for prawn breeding.

  • It's had salt panning there, so it's got a real need to regenerate that site

  • Eden doesn't do small.

  • As you can see around us, we are an ambitious organization, and we think that actually, we can create a sisterhood, a federation, if you like, of projects that share some of the content that they each have their unique component.

  • The Eden Project isn't alone.

  • There's growing number of groups working to raise awareness.

  • It's incredible that many people will go through their whole lives right next to plants, and have no knowledge about them at all.

  • If we can demonstrate our connection better to people, it will become much easier to deal with big, significant issues like water, like climate change, and air pollution.

  • It would be great to believe that actually, our mission has succeeded.

  • We connected people to the natural world, and we won't need it.

  • But I think we're a little away of that.

We're not like any other greenhouse or plant collection in the world.

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