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  • years ago if you lived in Homestead, Florida in 1992.

  • Andrew is a name you will never forget, just like in 2005 if you lived in New Orleans area.

  • Katrina Military started naming storms after their wives, their girlfriends, but none of these names were made public.

  • So 1950 everything changed.

  • Several storms formed out in the Atlantic about the same time.

  • It created a lot of confusion.

  • So the U.

  • S Weather Bureau said, Okay, let's start naming storms and they actually started by using the World War Two.

  • Alphabet Able Baker, Charlie Dog Easy.

  • But this created confusion as well, because every year the storm names were the same.

  • It wasn't until 1979 that we started alternating male and female names.

  • We recycle that list every six years.

  • In the Atlantic basin, we use English, Spanish and French names.

  • No storms are named after a particular person.

  • In fact, you can't request a storm to be named after you.

  • That entire process is handled by the World Meteorological Organization.

  • A storm name will be retired if it is too costly or deadly, and it would be inappropriate to use it in future years.

  • In fact, since 1950 there have been nearly 80 storm names retired.

  • And what happens if we go through all of the storm names?

  • Well, it happened in 2005.

  • We ended up going to the Greek alphabet, so that's what's in a name.

  • Took a long time to get here.

  • But just like each individual name, each storm tends to have its own personality.

years ago if you lived in Homestead, Florida in 1992.

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How Are Hurricanes Named?

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