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  • When I say the name Aaron Donald's, what are a couple words that come to mind?

  • I think he's relentless.

  • I'll just go with dominance.

  • Scary.

  • Obviously, you can go with two words of the best.

  • A slightly shorter interior alignment from the defensive side works well because you just have natural leverage against your opponent.

  • He makes a beeline towards that offensive guard and gives them that little head fake.

  • And he does a masterful job of this.

  • You slapped the hands, lift your shoulders, turn your hips.

  • That creates separation from you and the offense of lineman, and it also throws him off balance.

  • And after you get that separation, bad things Usually, if there were one former player in the NFL that most reminds you of errands Game, who would it be?

  • And why Aaron Donald reminds me in some ways of a guy like John Randall who comes to mind is really like John Randall.

  • We didn't have measurables either.

  • Easiest John Randall.

  • Two point.

  • Oh, my rookie year.

  • John Randall on warrants.

  • That was two guys that you know, I had the organization breakdown film for me to be able to study and watch them guys play, See if I could emulate that and have success at this level.

  • I talked to him this morning and I told him that I was going to reference Aaron Donald to your likeness.

  • Matter of fact, I'll call him if he picks up.

  • Yeah, J R.

  • What up.

  • What up?

  • Hey, I got you on speaker phone, so no, no cuss words.

  • Uh, hey, I'm doing this interview for for ESPN.

  • So they want you to be a part of the peace.

  • If you if you're willing.

  • Thio.

  • Yeah.

  • When do they want to do?

  • When do you want to do this?

  • Rolling?

  • When you watch him play, Can you see yourself in his play?

  • Pass rushers have a tendency to stick together.

  • I was playing the defensive tackle, but I ended up with 137 half sacks and normally don't see that in the interior linemen.

  • But, Erin, when he's doing it, it's like poetry because your hands are just, like, similar to a bull in a china shop.

  • But when you got a bull that can gracefully go through there without breaking anything, there's a hearing, Dom.

  • What do you think his legacy will be the legacy of Aaron that will be determined over the next five years.

  • You're seeing an interior.

  • Linemen has the ability to be the centerpiece of a defense.

  • You know, I didn't play my best football yet.

  • I hit my peak yet, so we're getting there.

  • We're getting better, but definitely a lot more football left.

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When I say the name Aaron Donald's, what are a couple words that come to mind?

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What makes Aaron Donald such a dominant pass rusher? | NFL Countdown

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