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  • when we were chatting earlier and you said You have a motorcycle on, I could tell.

  • First of all, no one's ever asked me that before because I think I don't seem like a motorcycle person.

  • And the truth is, I love motorcycles and I have a motorcycle and I write it a lot.

  • And umm, I really enjoy it.

  • And I thought, That's so interesting.

  • No one's ever asked me that, but it's one of the first things Secretary Clinton asked me out of the blue.

  • And I happened to have a long ride yesterday and was thinking this morning about how much I enjoyed it.

  • And it's almost like you.

  • You're just curious.

  • You just want to know.

  • Hey, have you ever done that?

  • Yes, I have.

  • Well, also, when we were talking, you promised Thio Give me a ride.

  • You know, either on the back or in a sidecar, and I'm gonna hold you to it.

  • Yeah, I think it would be such a great I'm just loved the photo op way could put the microphones on our helmets.

  • We could do the podcast.

  • Well, we're on the road.

  • Would that be great?

  • This would be like updating five easy pieces.

  • E I mean the potential Conan.

  • Think of the potential.

  • I think you and I could sell that right now.

  • Yes.

  • Here's the streamers.

  • They are so hungry for content.

  • Can you imagine how excited they let's Let's get this pitch straight.

  • Okay, now, obviously, it's your name first because you're a historic figure and revered.

  • So your first, although your crime alphabetically to Yes.

  • Also, although, you know your criminal record will have to look into that a little more.

  • But I think that will make us more attractive.

  • Yes, yes, Conan, On the road with the ultimate badass world renowned criminal Hillary Clinton, you and I, I'll ride the motorcycle, you in the sidecar, and, uh, or however you wanna work it.

  • I think we both need to be wearing giant goggles because it's a funny look course.

  • And then we stop occasion, whether I mean, we gotta wear leather.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Leather.

  • You say Wait a minute.

  • Yes, Yes, I love it.

  • If you're gonna wear a leather biker outfit, I'm down for this.

  • Okay, I am down for this.

  • Yeah.

  • Do we have to clear this with your husband or Chelsea?

  • is.

  • No.

  • I mean, you know that.

  • That's all over.

  • I'm done with all that public life stuff.

  • Uh huh.

when we were chatting earlier and you said You have a motorcycle on, I could tell.

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B1 INT motorcycle leather ride conan asked criminal

Conan & Hillary Clinton Want To Be "Biker Buddies" - "Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend"

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/10/28
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