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  • during the Cold War, a period of intense rivalry after World War Two between the Soviet Union and its allies and the United States and its allies, both major superpowers invested in spy satellites.

  • And some of the engineers who worked on US government programs didn't even know for sure they were helping the U.

  • S spy.

  • They were sworn to secrecy, and they had suspicions that their work was internationally important.

  • The project was declassified in 2011 so now they could talk about it.

  • Program was conducted with strict need to know basis over the life of the program.

  • About 100 miles of film was exposed, providing almost a half a million images of the Soviet Union.

  • It was a masterful performance.

  • Then E.

  • Right now way couldn't tell anybody what we worked on.

  • Friends, family, even our wives.

  • She was always fighting off somebody asking, What heck does your husband do?

  • He's never here.

  • It was kind of tough in the early years, particularly parties and stuff.

  • When people would ask you, What do you do?

  • Well, I'm an engineer.

  • That's about all you could say, and I could remember quite well the feeling that we were contributing to something that we thought was important to the country and fortunately were successful because I think it led Teoh a more peaceful world.

  • I'm John Schaefer worked at Eastman Kodak for 35 years.

  • We worked in the area that we couldn't talk about what we worked there, and we used to call it research and engineering.

  • It was the government side of the business where we worked on Spy in the Sky satellites.

  • We didn't have a need to know what the government was doing, and we was drummed into us.

  • We knew they weren't taking the pictures of amusement parks in the United States.

  • We knew that was foreign territory that they were looking at.

  • Gambit was able to at its best, imagery identify objects that were smaller than 1 ft in size.

  • It's one thing to know that an object is there.

  • It's another thing to know how quickly it's advancing.

  • So say we're interested in the development of intercontinental ballistic missile began but allowed us to not only identify its location, but we could identify whether or not it was becoming a more sophisticated weapon.

  • So it was an effort, really, to safely observe what the Soviets in the Chinese and others were up to.

  • Even to this day, we continue to classify the best resolution capability of the campus system.

  • This is a building that was owned by the Navy.

  • But Kodak had done a lot of work here.

  • This is where it all started.

  • My role was in the systems group image motion.

  • Compensation was a very, very significant contributor.

  • Two Emmys resolution Because the satellite is moving fast over the surface of the Earth, you're taking high resolution photography with very long focal length lenses.

  • You've got to either move the camera or move the film to avoid smear.

  • We chose to move the film because you can't really pan the camera.

  • We firmly believe that we helped the U.

  • S.

  • Government and the U.

  • S.

  • Air Force understand what the threat to the United States waas.

  • I feel that most of us were very proud of the work we did.

  • It would save lives.

  • So to the extent that we could contribute to this program, I felt good.

  • There was a feeling of patriotism because what we were doing was over and above anything anyone could hope toe work on a lot of the people that graduated from school the same time I did were drafted and went into the service and we're in areas.

  • We had deferments because of what we were doing.

  • You knew there were people out there.

  • They're making bigger sacrifices.

  • And if there's anything we could do to stop that, it was well worth working on mhm.

during the Cold War, a period of intense rivalry after World War Two between the Soviet Union and its allies and the United States and its allies, both major superpowers invested in spy satellites.

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