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  • It's not just about the VP.

  • For me, it's about the M v p.

  • You know most Vice presidential on To me, it's obvious pronouncing she's coming.

  • She's bringing yourself in places class.

  • My baby queen made a ticket complete suite freaking out like a joint.

  • More like a piece of meat.

  • That's why you're my VP.

  • You never e to pick your bathing debate with Joe.

  • You let him know that little girl girl girl girl on that little girl was me.

  • Girl, You know, I love the way you employ your prosecutorial expertise where you protected affordable care.

  • Act on.

  • Don't get me going on the $25 billion settlement you want for victims of foreclosure in California.

  • And also, let me clarify that when I call you girl, I should probably call you soon.

  • Your senator Here's Thio.

  • Pretty soon you'll be Oh, unembarrassed, right.

  • She's coming.

  • She's bringing assassin Plexi glass, My big queen Kick into your detail fast freaking out Donald T.

  • And you know we're nowhere mass.

  • That's why you're my VP on that little girl was me.

  • Mr.

  • Vice President speaking.

  • I'm speaking.

  • I'm comin.

  • No, no.

  • Your Senator Harris.

  • Tony.

It's not just about the VP.

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"Kamala" by Jon Batiste

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/10/28
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