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  • knowing him personally, I'm extremely sad for him.

  • I feel bad for him.

  • Uh, you also know the the implications of having this type of injury at this point in your career, a point in your career where you weren't necessarily consider the type of receiver you once were in New York, where you are getting up in age where it is coming to the end of a contract and also to wear a team or who now played better without you for the rest of the game, albeit against the Bengals have an opportunity to show that they could be better without you for the rest of the season that they're young.

  • 1st, 1st overall pick at the quarterback position can be better without you being on the field.

  • And I think all those things are negative for Odell Beckham Jr.

  • Obviously, your first thought is okay.

  • We want him to be okay.

  • You want him to come back healthy, you want him toe, have another opportunity.

  • But the implications for his career are huge.

  • The implications for what once looked like ah Hall of Fame opportunity, uh, are huge.

  • And so for Odell Beckham Jr is gonna be about getting healthy first.

  • But it's also going to be about understanding where he is being aware off his perception and trying to find the best place to go to revive his career, to be what everyone always thought he was in New York to be what everyone thought that he would possibly become as his career finished.

  • It's not over for Odell Beckham Jr but this is a major detour.

  • This is a major adversity hitting him and probably what would be the worst time for Odell Beckham Jr.

  • And so when you look at the Cleveland Browns and where they are, they now have an opportunity to show that with their weapons that without having Odell Beckham Jr.

  • This team could be better offensively.

  • Which doesn't bode well for him coming off of an A c L injury, trying to be someone else's new number one and also having the perceptions of who he is as a person.

  • I think this is a very tough situation for Oh, you know what it makes me think of is Bo Jackson.

  • Bo Jackson didn't like have the length of his career to put up the greatest see the career ever But we all know what we saw.

  • We know what we saw.

  • And once he heard his hip, he couldn't play anymore.

  • Even as a baseball player, he could never be the same.

  • Uh, Grant Hill.

  • Grant Hill was gonna be an all time great.

  • And when we talk about guys who owe if Onley not for this injury or whether it is an acute injury or what could have been, I bring up Sandy Koufax on the show a bunch the greatest pitcher of all time, 30 years old, he had to retire because of an arthritic elbow.

  • But at least Koufax and these some of the other guys I mentioned put up enough of a prime that they will be called either the greatest or among the all time greats.

  • I think if we talk about, you know, great football players, we certainly think about Bo Jackson.

  • And Odell to me, has that level talent.

  • Odell has transcendent talent, and I would hate to think that an acute injury like this means that it's never gonna happen for him.

  • I will say this if it takes about a year to get back so that he's really not fully back by 2022.

  • Not next season, but the following season.

  • Sometimes it takes another year to get back to where you were not just back on the field, but back to where you were.

  • So the question will be at the age of 30 in 2023.

  • Can Odell be most of what he's been?

  • Because guys, most of what Odell Waas athletically is enough to get into the Hall of Fame.

  • If you can stay on the field, you know and channel it in the right direction.

  • I'm hopeful that that we haven't seen the last of him as an elite receiver.

  • But this this does make you scared that wait, Did we just witnessed one of those historical career changing moments?

  • It's it's, you know, upto Odell, the work he puts in and a little bit of luck.

  • I think we can eradicate the word over, but I agree with both of y'all.

  • There's definitely extreme cause for concern that he may never be the same.

  • There's an A C l injury.

  • You're gonna be out for the rest of the season, likely the rest of next season before you're able to come back healthy but even then, but even then, when you come back healthy, we've seen Odell when he's been 100% healthy, not producing the way we would like because of the quarterback.

  • He was playing with, the fact that he wasn't getting the ball enough, that he wasn't targeted enough, that he wasn't the primary target that he aspired to be.

  • He played for Eli Manning.

  • He played with Baker Mayfield.

  • He hasn't had an Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, Tom Brady anything.

  • Russell Wilson.

  • He hasn't had anything like that.

  • And chances are those guys, those kind of guys are going toe have their personnel intact.

  • So in the event that Odell Beckham Jr is available, they don't necessarily need him.

  • Remember Odell Beckham Jr to make no mistake about it?

  • He didn't want to be in Cleveland after this year.

  • He was planning on leaving after this season.

  • If he had his druthers, guess what he would have ended up in Green Bay of Seattle or someplace like that.

  • The bottom line is, that was when he was elite, and he still had those gripes.

  • Now that he's going to compromise healthwise, we don't know if anybody will be interested in taking that chance on him.

  • Which certainly means this he ain't gonna get the money.

  • He was covered.

  • And that's for sure.

  • And it's all the damn shame.

  • Yeah, well, by the time the thing, that what?

  • The thing we have to remember, remember, Odell, you know, had the early big time injury when he was running, running the slant route, gets pulled over, breaks his ankle, and so we've seen him.

  • Rehab.

  • We've seen him work.

  • We've seen him come back.

  • The scary Your part is at one point in his career, even with the declining Eli, it didn't matter.

  • He was that transcendent of the talent that he could make the place.

  • He could take slants to the house.

  • He could do some of these amazing things that still kept him in the forefront of our minds as one of the league's greats.

  • Even in Cleveland, we would have to say, you know what?

  • Oh, when when they got it to him, we saw this or you go back to the Dallas game and you say Okay, when he got a reverse, we could see that talent that we always knew we had.

  • So now when you're a team looking at Odell after the A C L.

  • Even if he's 100% because a C L surgeries and rehabs have changed, even if he's 100% I agree with Stephen A.

  • No one's going to be willing to give him that money.

  • So he's gonna have to say, You know what?

  • I'm gonna take the best deal in the best opportunity to show people that I'm still Odell Beckham Jr.

  • And I am still a transcendent talent and I can produce, And that's the best hopes for old coming out of this.

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knowing him personally, I'm extremely sad for him.

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