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  • There's one thing you need to know about the ring of Fire.

  • It produces 90% of the world's earthquakes.

  • The Ring of Fire includes about 450 volcanoes.

  • Many of them are submarine volcanoes, meaning there underwater, as are 75% of the world's volcanoes in total.

  • Now the Ring of Fire is also called the circum Pacific Belt.

  • It's the result of plate tectonics.

  • The movement of the plates has created a nearly continuous Siri's off oceanic trenches and chains of volcanoes stretching for 25,000 miles in a horseshoe shaped pattern from New Zealand, past Japan across the Bering Strait and down toward the tip of South America.

  • The plate movement also causes earthquakes because many of these earthquakes occur in the ocean.

  • The Ring of Fire is also known for tsunamis produced when the ocean floors either forced to rise or fall.

  • When a megathrust event happens in this region, the water is displaced and the water pushes ashore.

There's one thing you need to know about the ring of Fire.

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What Is The Ring Of Fire?

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    林宜悉   posted on 2020/10/27
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