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  • (audience cheering)

  • How would you folks like to see me

  • and Andy having an Epic Saber Battle?

  • (audience cheering)

  • [Narrator] Totally edible, Conan and Andy's

  • Epic Saber Battel.

  • Come on Andy, come on.

  • (crowd laughing)

  • Andy come on.

  • Andy what are you doing?

  • Come on, wait a minute Andy.

  • I've got no verve Conan no pep.

  • Andy what's wrong?

  • You got you look terrible out here.

  • You're sluggish.

  • I don't have any energy.

  • Alright I know what's gonna to help you out old pal

  • and that's one thing right here.

  • That's right a Snickers bar.

  • A snickers bar?

  • Yeah, have a bite.

  • I've heard they're good in situations like this

  • yeah hah now I'm ready.

  • (screaming angrily)

  • (bright upbeat music)

  • I give up.

  • (audience cheering)

  • [Narrator] (mumbles) Conan and Andy's Epic Saber Battle

  • brought to you by Snickers

(audience cheering)

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Conan & Andy’s Epic Saber Battle – DIY CONAN

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/27
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