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  • one of my friends.

  • Let's call her.

  • Sarah was in her first same sex female relationship, Sarah's bisexual and her girlfriend is a lesbian on I remember her girlfriend kept labeling Sarah as a lesbian and calling her gay to the point that Sarah even said, and I was like, This is why I'm gay But you're not gay.

  • You're bisexual.

  • Like I know she doesn't mean it, but her consistent mislabeling of your sexuality is her perpetuating bisexual ratio.

  • Bisexual dating Tip number one, Prepare for bi phobia, bisexuality, eraser and invisibility is pervasive in our culture, even sometimes in the LGBT community, you know, people deny its existence all the time in everyday life to mainstream media and its legitimacy is called into question constantly.

  • Bisexuality is just a pit stop from straight to gay.

  • So do not be surprised when your bisexuality is inevitably invalidated.

  • If you haven't had sex with one of the genders, how do you know your buy or you come up against some of the harmful stereotypes that are ingrained in people Bisexual, they're more likely to cheat.

  • I mean, why wouldn't you?

  • You have double the people to be tempted by so bad or when it invokes insecurity in a potential partner.

  • I know.

  • But what if you leave me for a guy?

  • Oh, if I leave you, it won't be because I miss men will be because your personality is garbage.

  • There's also some controversy around the label.

  • Bisexual.

  • Some people think it's transphobic or excludes non binary folks.

  • So people sometimes prefer to identify as pan sexual because it's more encompassing of all the genders or non genders.

  • Eso I didn't come out of the closet.

  • I came out of the cupboard.

  • Oh, because because pan sexual it's like it's like a pan.

  • Yeah, you put a pan in the cupboard.

  • Yeah, to don't be afraid to put yourself out there.

  • Invite that girl out as that guy about a sexual orientation.

  • E.

  • I mean, there's always gonna be some element of risk and dating.

  • Whether that's rejection or embarrassment or both.

  • Eso would you wanna go out with me?

  • No.

  • Oh, I'm sorry.

  • I thought you might be by.

  • Oh, I am.

  • I just don't like you three.

  • Know what you need to feel safe.

  • Personally, I like to be straightforward little about my sexual orientation relatively early on in the dating process because the way that someone reacts tells me a lot about how safe I could be with this person.

  • Like if they automatically assume I'm non monogamous or that I want three Somes or they're excited about the opportunity to watch me with a woman, then I know that I should probably move on and find someone else for you.

  • Emotional safety might mean not mentioning your sexual orientation until it naturally comes up or waiting until a conversation about defining the relationship.

  • Or you might be someone who wants to just put that in your dating profile to begin with whatever emotional safety means for you and your sexual identity.

  • No, it implemented because the right person will show up in a way that reinforces you're enough as you are.

  • You are safe with them and you're loved.

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one of my friends.

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