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  • Yeah, With 12 days until Election Oclock and President Trump trailing in nearly every battleground state, which I hear are important, Trump took a break from fracking, his own body with steroids.

  • The campaign in North Carolina.

  • Here's what the commander in chief had to say about Joe Biden.

  • No, I go through these interviews, every questions, a total kill, right?

  • Every questions they're going for the kill and this guy walks out.

  • Holding ice cream on the press is out there.

  • The fake news and this is what kind of ice cream were you eating?

  • Uh, chocolate, I think in vanilla, too.

  • Well, they may not do a great job by an impression, but at least he's killed 200,000 Americans.

  • Listen, what kind of message are you looking for from Trump in these final two weeks?

  • If he wants to win your vote, I think he's just got to keep on dancing.

  • We love the dancing.

  • It shows.

  • Americans said, You know, just because everyone's dying doesn't mean we can't have a little fun.

  • Look, his campaign is trailing by double digits and hemorrhaging cash.

  • We can make an educated conclusion that the president will lose this race.

  • Dr Bloom, Wait, we gotta make this things in tight, Okay, our jobs go.

  • Bye bye.

  • You don't want to see me depressed.

  • I gotta move into the garage so no one sees me.

  • Second B B Q sauce out of my belly button moving on.

  • The Trump campaign is struggling to adjust to the fact that when thousands of your supporters get sick and die, they also lose the ability to donate, according to a newspaper, Trump's campaign committee and in September, with only $63.1 million in the bank.

  • Despite canceling some television buys late last month, leaving him badly outmatch financially against Biden and the final stretch of the campaign, I think it's time for Trump to get serious about fundraising.

  • You know, Elizabeth Warren had luck getting people to donate to her campaign, using her dog, Bailey, or raffling off a chance to get a beer with her.

  • Trump could combine these ideas and raffle off a chance to drink beer out of a dog's mouth or drink a dog out of beer.

  • Now the good news for the Trump campaign is Rudy Giuliani has taken a break from upstaging the biggest masturbation story the week with the biggest masturbation story of the year to make the winning argument that the Hunter Biden story is huge, even if he thinks it might be bullshit, that sort of iron curtain so you can't get out The New York Post story, which I happen to know, is 100% accurate.

  • But even if it is inaccurate, American people are entitled to know it.

  • Giuliani, always a vocal proponent for transparency, whether it's with reporting or his cousins, nightgowns, Elissa is censorship in tech a real problem considering the top 10 most shared Facebook posts.

  • Right now we're written on a rickety toilet by Dan Bongino.

  • Yeah, no, I would say that that it is not a problem.

  • It it should be a little bit more regulated, in my opinion, so that we can, um, you know, stick to the truth.

  • I'm gonna push back here.

  • I'm with Giuliani.

  • I mean, social platforms shouldn't decide what's true.

  • Nor should anyone.

  • I want so much media anarchy that it's unclear what is actual reporting.

  • And what are the ramblings of Rudy Giuliani after he housed a $5 merlot soaked hoagie?

  • Yeah, I think if big tech really wanted to incentivize truth telling they'd administer an electric shock through your keyboard.

  • If you ever post something untrue or something, they believed to be untrue.

  • Either way, at the end of the day, it will be a lot of electrocution.

  • Giving Joe Biden China practices confused stares and that's bogus, man.

  • For tonight's debate, President Obama took the reins and stumped for him in Pennsylvania.

  • Joe is not going to screw up testing.

  • He's not gonna call scientists idiots.

  • He's not gonna host a super spreader event at the White House.

  • Yanks.

  • Those were some big expectations.

  • Now poor Biden has to clear the bar of not knowingly and personally spreading the virus everywhere.

  • Elissa Biden is not at the Obama event.

  • Do you think he's been visible enough on the campaign trail, or is he going for more of a Tron like Internet God vibe?

  • No, I think he's been mhm, incredibly visible, especially considering there's a pandemic.

  • I mean, I don't think he's being hyperbolic when he says that we are in a battle for the soul of the nation, Um, and that this this election really comes down Thio Democracy or or Trump I know what the Biden campaign is preparing us for.

  • Day one, Joe Biden will announce that he's having a four year colonoscopy and immediately transfer power to Camilla.

  • But that could happen.

  • But look, I got to say, Biden's got to get out there some.

  • Or maybe come hang in Brooklyn, shoot some hoops with me, maybe hop on the pod.

  • Got a great artisanal ice cream place around the corner.

  • For me, one of their flavors is tabby cat digested pistachio.

  • Elissa, You're the executive producer of the new documentary Surge, which tracks three female candidates working to turn their red congressional districts blue.

  • Let's take a look at this.

  • It's really important.

  • Women realize we have to do this for ourselves.

  • This is the year of the woman who they all have heard that Why shouldn't you?

  • That Why haven't you run yet?

  • I want this to be more than a year.

  • Thing is your golden made history Tonight this'll communities.

  • First Congress will be e now.

  • Elissa, I love this film, but have you ever thought about a prequel called The Quiet before the surge?

  • Now this would be a documentary about those who laid the foundation for the surge, like a young political operative who dared to read three books on feminism and recommend those books to his jelly guy, his uber driver.

  • You know, the kind of everyday under the radar citizens diplomacy that really moves the needle in this country.

  • You want to do it.

  • You have never made a bigger mistake in your life than getting in business with that man.

Yeah, With 12 days until Election Oclock and President Trump trailing in nearly every battleground state, which I hear are important, Trump took a break from fracking, his own body with steroids.

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