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  • Hello and welcome to The English

  • We Speak. I'm Feifei... err Rob,

  • could we have your

  • attention please?

  • ... oh sorry, Feifei, I was just looking at

  • the news on my smartphone.

  • Now is not the time to be looking at the

  • news - we are presenting a programme.

  • I know, but there's so much news

  • to look at and it's all very very...

  • ... depressing? Yes, there has been a lot of

  • depressing news recently,

  • but you seem addicted

  • to it.

  • Look at this! Did you know

  • we are all going to die... some day?

  • Enough doomscrolling, Rob!

  • What's that?

  • 'Doomscrolling' describes continuously

  • scrolling through endless bad news

  • stories on your smartphone

  • app, on social media or on the internet.

  • It happens a lot during the coronavirus

  • pandemic. And you're obsessed, Rob -

  • you just can't stop reading

  • information that

  • depresses you.

  • OK, OK - I'll try and find some more positive

  • news while we hear some examples...

  • I've been doomscrolling too much and

  • read so much information

  • about coronavirus that

  • I can't sleep at night.

  • Stop doomscrolling! If you read too much

  • bad news you'll get depressed.

  • My brother does too much doomsurfing -

  • he loves to tell us the latest

  • gloom and doom

  • in the world, so we've stopped

  • listening to him!

  • This is The English We Speak from BBC

  • Learning English and we're talking

  • about doomscrolling -

  • also called doomsurfing.

  • That's endlessly looking at depressing

  • news stories on your

  • smartphone app, on social media or the

  • internet. I think it's time we had

  • some good news stories, Rob.

  • Yes - and I think I've got one.

  • Look, a kitten that went missing

  • has been found...

  • Sweet!

  • ...and look at this - new research says

  • biscuits don't make you fat...

  • and look at this story...

  • OK, Rob. Is there a word for endlessly

  • looking at good news stories?

  • Joyscrolling? Happyscrolling?

  • Well, it's good to see you smiling again.

  • Well, we all need something to smile

  • about after the events of this year.

  • I agree. Bye.

  • Bye bye.

Hello and welcome to The English

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What does 'doomscrolling' mean? - The English We Speak

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