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  • What's going on guys? So, we finally have one of  our most requested lessons with Chris Evans as  

  • Captain America. And the scene that we've chosen  for you today also stars Scarlett Johansson. So I  

  • want to let you know that if you're new hereevery single week we help you to understand  

  • fast speaking natives. Without getting lostwithout missing the jokes and without subtitles.  

  • Just like our fan Simar, who  says that thanks to our lessons  

  • they have increased their speaking and their  listening. And you will too. It's really simple:  

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  • And by the way do you ever find it difficult  to understand natives when we speak like this?  

  • You probably think that it's because we speak too  fast. But really the bigger problem is that you  

  • are not accustomed to connected speech. And that's  how we natives cut and connect our words together.  

  • And that is exactly why in our 3-Part Masterclass  we will teach you the secrets to being able to  

  • understand connected speech. And we also teach  you all about vocabulary and cultural context,  

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  • Hey, if you are enjoying this lesson  with Captain America, then next you  

  • should totally check out this lesson that we  made with The Avengers. I bet you'll love it,  

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  • Hey guys, I hope that you have had a ton of fun  learning English with Captain America today.  

  • And we actually made this lesson  because you guys asked us to.  

  • So I would love to hear what other superhero  movies would you like us to make a lesson with  

  • you can let me know down in the comments  below and maybe we'll make it next.  

  • Alright, now it's time to go beyond the  classroom and live your English. Aww yeah!!

What's going on guys? So, we finally have one of  our most requested lessons with Chris Evans as  

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Learn English With Chris Evans | Captain America

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/27
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