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  • Hey, what I'm about to show you is worth your time because I'm flying to a place that you have never seen before.

  • I'm flying toe a nuclear power plant and it's the newest one in the world.

  • Why here is why when you look at the energy we use Ah, lot of it is not good for the planet.

  • Ah, lot off our energy comes from oil and coal and we all know this is not sustainable.

  • So what do we do?

  • The answer to that I found in the Middle East, the birthplace off oil here in the Emirates, this country is home toe 10% off the world's oil but toe make their energy cleaner.

  • They did something crazy.

  • They built nukes, not the nukes for war, but the nukes for peace.

  • See, nuclear energy is amazing.

  • From this small uranium piece, you can replace 500 liters of oil and one ton off coal from one piece.

  • You can power a house for four months and that is why the Emirates built the world's newest nuclear energy plan.

  • It's so big it can power 25% off the country without any carbon emissions.

  • And it's 100% safe.

  • Forget everything you heard about nuclear energy and forget Hollywood drama.

  • According to science, nuclear energy is 250 times safer than big oil fields.

  • The reactor is very small, and all these big buildings around it are designed for safety.

  • The walls are 1.2 m thick, and every operation is tested 25 times.

  • Because this is the newest power plant in the world, it's also the safest by by oil on it.

  • It's not just nuclear energy.

  • It's also solar energy.

  • Here they have 3.2 million solar panels to create clean energy.

  • It's the biggest standalone solar plant in the world.

  • These shields are cleaned every day without using a single drop off water, and from this they can supply 90,000 people with 100% clean energy.

  • Forget oil from wind to solar to nuclear, the future is going to be clean.

  • Stone age did not end because we ran out of stone.

  • It ended because off progress and the oil age will not end because we run out of oil.

  • It will end because off progress, because now there is hope that one day our grandkids will not need oil, and that should make everyone happy.

Hey, what I'm about to show you is worth your time because I'm flying to a place that you have never seen before.

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World's Cleanest Electricity

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/27
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