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  • Max.

  • I'll start with you.

  • Do you think we're sleeping on the Cardinals?

  • I haven't slept on him, and I thought they were alive this year.

  • I don't think I didn't think they would make the playoffs, but I think they would be in the hunt and I still feel that way.

  • That was quite a game for them.

  • Toe win last night, back and forth.

  • It reminded me of the World Series game from the night before, you know, like crazy shifts of mo mentum.

  • Wait, what they're about to win their battle look, both teams and the fact that you win a game like that, a quarterback like Kyler Murray coming up in the world against the quarterback like Russell Wilson, who's one of the all time greats.

  • Let's face it in his prime toe.

  • Win a game like that to get yourself in field goal range to like, by the way, after blowing it right after you blow it on special teams, um, is ah, huge boost to the confidence.

  • I think of an emerging franchise like Arizona, so I haven't been sleeping on the Cardinals, but for those who have been, this was a wake up call.

  • I think.

  • Yeah.

  • You know, I don't think I don't think we slept on them When you look at this team, they started out the season.

  • Uh, they get the big win against San Francisco.

  • They beat Washington, and then they have, ah, couple of losses and you're starting to look at him like, Okay, maybe they're coming back down to Earth, and now they've kind of found their groove again.

  • And as you look at last night's game, fur collar Murray, I believe it's a measuring stick.

  • Whenever you are facing the best in the game, which Russell Wilson is in that conversation, you want to step up and play to his level.

  • You want to step up and have your team with an opportunity to win.

  • And they were down the entire game.

  • I think the lasting impression of the lasting image I have from this game is Kyler Murray, smiling in his drop when he realized DeAndre Hopkins had one on one coverage on the outside.

  • Right before he throws the touches out, that's the type of confidence that this kid plays with.

  • That's what Cliff Kingsbury knew when he was scouting him or when he was, you know, thinking about drafting him.

  • Number one overall.

  • I still don't necessarily believe that this team is there yet.

  • I don't know that they will be good enough on defense week in and week out, but they're gonna factor into the conversation for the playoffs.

  • This team could very well be a wild card team, and if they do, I don't necessarily know who wants to play them.

  • But what do you think about this?

  • What impressed me so much about last night's game, though, is it felt like a game the Cardinals were fated to lose, right?

  • The fates were against them.

  • That's a Russell Wilson type of win.

  • Metcalfe on that chase down tackle.

  • Come on that that doesn't happen in a win.

  • The Cardinals miss a crunch time field goal.

  • This didn't happen in a win, Um, by the way, Metcalfe for the game winner, right?

  • Called back because of holding like it just felt like these.

  • Wild felt like That's the kind of game the veteran team with the veteran great quarterback wins and the upstart quarterback loses.

  • The fact that Arizona won that game behind Kyler Murray is what impressed me so much no question.

  • Yeah, I think what this says to me is a lot about Cliff Kingsbury, though.

  • This is a guy who was fired from his job at Texas Tech, had to actually quit his job at USC so he could interview for these jobs, and many people didn't think he deserved to get this position.

  • You fire Steve Woakes after one year, and already this team is five and two and playing much better because of some decisions that Cliff Kingsbury himself has made.

  • So we have to give him credit for that change.

  • I definitely will give Cliff Kingsbury's credit, which is something that I've never done on this show, okay, because he's doing a hell of a job right now, and he deserves to be commended for it.

  • But I would like to remind America of what my argument was against him.

  • I never said that he couldn't do a good job.

  • I did not know.

  • What I'm saying is you didn't deserve the damn job, considering how how subpar you were as a collegiate head coach to get an NFL head coaching job.

  • Despite your lack of success on the collegiate level and not having been in NFL coach.

  • That was my issue with it.

  • I remain consistent in that position while still recognizing the need to applaud him for the job that he has done.

  • No question this season.

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Are we sleeping on the Cardinals? | First Take

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