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  • Hello, Pennsylvania, Conan O'Brien here

  • reminding you to register to vote.

  • Listen, PA. Can I call you PA?

  • No? Oh, sorry.

  • Pennsylvania, you're one of the original 13 colonies.

  • You started this democracy and now it's in trouble.

  • We need you.

  • We can't leave voting to places like the West Coast.

  • We've got earthquakes and Kardashians to deal with.

  • We need the OG 13 to step up and vote like hell.

  • Every election year the pundits go on and on about Florida.

  • They gotta win Florida.

  • Well, I'm sick of hearing about Florida.

  • F Florida.

  • What about Pennsylvania?

  • I say you can't win the White House

  • if you don't win Pennsylvania.

  • So please register to vote by October 19th.

  • So you can decide who wins the White House

  • and piss off Florida.

  • Still not convinced?

  • Listen to this joke.

  • The Monongahela River in Western Pennsylvania flows north

  • and the first time you see it you think, wow, that is Erie.

  • Register to vote, or I'll come to Erie and tell that joke

  • and only that joke in person

  • at the D'Angelo Performance Arts Center.

  • You have until October 19th to register to vote and stop me.

  • You can do it

Hello, Pennsylvania, Conan O'Brien here

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Conan's Swing State PSAs: Pennsylvania Edition

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