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  • Now Boris Johnson has defended his refusal to extend free school meal vouchers for Children in England over the half term holiday.

  • But he's promised his government will do everything in its power to make sure that no child goes hungry.

  • Many councils are already providing meal vouchers, while hundreds of businesses are offering parcels to those in need.

  • The latest available data indicates more than 1.4 million Children in England are eligible for school meals, although campaigners say that the current need means that that figure is much higher thing Estimated cost per week is more than £21 million.

  • Our political correspondent Alex Forsyth has the latest on this.

  • I just collect us of apples, stewed apples in the morning for breakfast.

  • This'll family has been finding alternative ways to stay fed.

  • It might seem like a rural it'll, but it can be a real struggle.

  • Thes and adults that we had their mom can't find work in the pandemic.

  • She relies on universal credit on, says free school meals are a lifeline that she's missing this half term.

  • It's embarrassing to not be able to do the most basic of human things and provide for your Children and then to have gonna ask for that help and have that help debated, have that help discussed and have my decisions and my choices as a mother discussed.

  • It could happen to me.

  • It can happen to anybody.

  • The prime minister, despite growing pressure toe offer food vouchers during the holidays, is holding firm on that front but embarks today, promoting better hospital food.

  • He didn't rule out MAWR support.

  • The way to deal with it, we think, is by increasing the funds available for universal credit we put up by about 1000 year, but also to put MAWR into local councils.

  • We don't want to see Children going hungry this winter.

  • This Christmas, certainly not a za result of any inattention by this government.

  • You're not going to see that, but without extra help this half term, some councils and businesses air stepping in.

  • Wolverhampton's labor leader was delivering food parcels today.

  • The government points to £63 million.

  • It gave England's local authorities this summer to help families facing hardship, but many say that's already been spent or falls far short.

  • There's been no promise of further funding or any detail just a suggestion there might be more support down the line, perhaps to avoid another damaging row before Christmas.

  • Of course, not everyone thinks the government should fund food during the holidays.

  • But this campaign has got real traction on plenty here, including some Tory in peace.

  • I think the government has just handled it badly.

  • This huge passion desire to actually see this system continue.

  • Let's recognize that if the national picture is such that they want to support this, then it would be churlish not to recognize that this is an avenue worth pursuing.

  • In Scotland, the government has introduced schemes to fund meals during the holidays.

  • It's the same in Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • In England, the campaigning continues, with Coldplay the latest to weigh in on with Marcus Rushford, the Premier League player who kick started this issue determined to keep it prominent.

  • The political pressure doesn't seem to be easing.

Now Boris Johnson has defended his refusal to extend free school meal vouchers for Children in England over the half term holiday.

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Boris Johnson defends refusing free meals to vulnerable children - BBC News

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