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  • This week, an incredibly damning new book

  • about President Trump came out

  • by renowned journalist Bob Woodward.

  • And that's the third,

  • third negative Trump book out this month alone.

  • There are two others

  • from Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen

  • and Melania's former best friend.

  • I cannot think of another president

  • who's had this many negative books come out

  • while still in office.

  • Andy, do you have any of these books?

  • Actually Conan, I have all of them.

  • And you can, too by joining the Trump Book of the Day Club.

  • Every day you'll receive a new book

  • about the President and his family

  • often written by someone with deep inside knowledge

  • and always painting a devastating portrait

  • of an unfit lunatic let loose in the White House.

  • You'll get titles like these.

  • "Oval Office, Square Colon:

  • The Medical Records of Donald Trump."

  • "Destroyed! 600 Trump Jokes that in the End, Did Nothing."

  • "Imagine You're a Walrus and Other Ways to Get Through Sex"

  • by Melania Trump.

  • "Remember Me? No? That's Okay,

  • I Still Have a Lot of Dirt on Trump" by Omarosa.

  • "Not Proofread: Just Trying to Shit This Book Out

  • Before the Electoin" by Carl Bernstein.

  • "What a Douche" by Pope Francis.

  • "A Lifetime of Unthinkable Abuse"

  • by Donald Trump's gold toilet.

  • "I Went to High School with Ivanka.

  • Not the Same Year, but I Heard She was Kind of Mean"

  • by Jennifer Flack.

  • "Becoming" by Melania Trump with Michelle Obama.

  • "Of Course I'm a Lunatic" by Donald Trump's doctor.

  • "Selt and Pooper: Melania's Weird Mispronunciations

  • of Common Spices" by a White House chef.

  • "He's a Terrible Person, and That's Coming From Me,

  • the Literal Devil" by Stephen Bannon.

  • "Wasn't Doing Much, Thought I'd Write a Trump Book"

  • by Dean Cain.

  • "7 Melanias" written by the seven identical septuplets

  • who play Melania Trump.

  • "I'll Make You a Star, Kid:

  • The Pep Talk I Gave to the Coronavirus"

  • by President Donald J Trump.

  • "How to Make a Rose Garden Racist Somehow"

  • by White House gardener Steve Gillis.

  • "Girl, Interrupted" by Mike Pence.

  • And finally, "Mushroom Penises Make Mushroom Clouds"

  • by Stormy Daniels.

  • The Trump Book of the Day Club, it never stops.

  • Never, even like when you think,

  • well, this is the one that will totally sink the guy.

  • Surely this is the last account I'll see of his corruption,

  • cruelty, and total incompetence.

  • No, there is no bottom.

  • Happy reading, everyone!

This week, an incredibly damning new book

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Introducing The Trump Book Of The Day Club - CONAN on TBS

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