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  • we've all heard of solar paneled roofs, even solar powered cars.

  • But what about solar pavements In Races?

  • Act is the co founder and engineer at the Hungry based Tech Company Patio.

  • He says Just 2 m squared of walkable solar pavement can provide enough green energy to power public lights on a USB charging station.

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  • At a start, the solar cells are protected with anti slip hardened glass tiles, so walking across it or even parking a car on it won't damage the technology.

  • But what's the advantage in putting solar cells down on the ground, verses on top of a roof?

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  • While they may be more pleasing to the eye, for some thes solar pavements is still the more expensive option compared to roof panels for now, at least.

  • But Zach says his small scale projects are more durable.

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  • Sarah Blatter won the Mont Atomic Eastern Shaka Shaka Chicken, the company's largest installation so far, was built in front of a shopping center in Kazakhstan to power the buildings air conditioning with clean energy.

we've all heard of solar paneled roofs, even solar powered cars.

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Sustainable Business: Walking on sunshine

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