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  • The ceasefire brokered by Russia between Armenia and Azerbaijan to try and end a flare up in fighting over the last two weeks has been breached within its 1st 24 hours.

  • The two countries have a long running dispute over the Nagorno Karabakh region.

  • Azerbaijan has now accused Armenia off a war crime after an apartment block in the city of Ganja was shelled.

  • In a moment, we'll hear from our correspondent Steve Rosenberg in the Armenian town off Gorris, but first our international correspondent, All Algerian, sent this report from Ganja.

  • Let me get Let me see his face, she begs one last time.

  • She's not alone in this desperate search.

  • Let me see, says this woman.

  • Is he from my family?

  • Through the maid, Armenians die, she cries.

  • Here's what's left of her neighborhood in Ganja, Azerbaijan's second largest city.

  • Far from the front line, but not far enough.

  • This is just off the main street.

  • No sign of military targets.

  • Well, they're not.

  • We saw remnants of what Baku says was a ballistic missile.

  • It's accusing Armenia off a war crime.

  • Well, this was clearly a civilian target.

  • Apartment blocks flats where people were living.

  • There's bedding and blankets and mattresses strewn among the rubble here.

  • The attack happened at about 2 a.m. Now this is supposed to be a ceasefire.

  • But it looks more like all out war.

  • And what happens next is their worst to come on both sides standing here now in the rubble Is the ceasefire dead on?

  • Actually uh, it's in a hard to assess the situation.

  • Therefore, currently we're considering the situation.

  • If Armenia continues to attack Azerbaijani civilians, then otherwise John will be obliged to take necessary measures against a legitimate military targets.

  • You are saying that they have fired at you and you're also saying that you reserve the right to retaliate.

  • So which is it?

  • Are you sticking to the ceasefire, or are you going to retaliate for this attack?

  • At this stage, we're trying to stick to the ceasefire regime.

  • But of course, if they continue to do so attacking other Virginia civilians as every nation we also having a right for self defense.

  • As Azerbaijan recovered mawr of its dead, it too was accused of breaching the ceasefire by shelling civilians on the other side of the truce looked shattered today.

  • It did not collapse, but ganja was hit hard.

  • No, Shahbaz grandchildren were asleep in these beds and were lucky to survive.

  • But she acknowledges the pain in Nagorno Karabakh way are all mothers new?

  • Shaba told me.

  • They're on Dhere on Our hearts are aching.

  • Orla Guerin, BBC News.

  • Ganja Azerbaijan Well, let's join our correspondent Steve Rosenberg now, who is in Gorris in southern Armenia.

  • What do the Armenians say about this attack in Ganj in Azerbaijan?

  • Steve.

  • Well, in general today, Armenia has been painting a very different picture of events saying, Look, it's not us, it's Azerbaijan, which has been violating the ceasefire targeting civilian areas.

  • The Armenians have even suggested that today Turkish F 16 jets were in the air over Cara back guiding drone attacks.

  • And that's something that we cannot confirm.

  • But certainly the Armenian authorities insist that they are the ones been committed that was agreed in Moscow.

  • So much deck, please, both sides accusing each other of trying to undermine efforts for peace.

  • And that means ceasefire.

  • For now, police fired on plates means that the Red Cross cannot begin to do what it's been asked to do to facilitate the removal of but people have been killed in the fighting on Facilitate the business.

  • Steve Rosenberg in Gorris, Armenia.

  • Thank you very much.

  • And apologies for the break up on that line to Steve Rosenberg.

The ceasefire brokered by Russia between Armenia and Azerbaijan to try and end a flare up in fighting over the last two weeks has been breached within its 1st 24 hours.

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Ceasefire broken in Nagorno-Karabakh as apartment block hit by shelling - BBC News

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