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  • um,tell me more about SOS .

  • I mean, I know you're trying to promote more people visiting.

  • You know, I sat down with John Morgan from the theaters Trust, and he told me this That I found interesting is that for every pound that someone spent on a ticket in the theater, um, they spent like an additional £83 throughout the city.

  • And it was actually more was spent, I even think, than with domestic tourists than even international tourists.

  • Because a lot of times people would have the one day or the one weekend a year where they come from.

  • Outside of England, they come into London.

  • They have the big theater, they go out to dinner, they take a bus tour, they everything, they go big.

  • They spend a lot of money in this city.

  • And yet he couldn't seem to get government approval for what he had was a covid-safe way of having the theaters set up.

  • And he was really frustrated.

  • And that really hurt tourism.

  • Andi was trying to get again more people to try to get back into this city.

  • E guess you're trying to do the same where you were trying to promote people here.

  • Yeah, that's right, Andi ITT's I guess it's with us now.

  • Having moved to Tier two Andi with as a safe prevailing sentiment, it's, um, uh, it's difficult to know how much we could continue to push that message have come to London.

  • But that's what that's what I'd like to push because that's what we need.

  • Um, so but we are part of, ah, an ecosystem within tourism.

  • So we work very closely with historic royal palaces in the Tower of London on DA with Merlin, he runs the London eye and Madame two swords on Bond City Cruises He run the boats along the river were all kind of like a family that'll support each other.

  • And, as you say, choice, He comes down for the weekend off, visit the city for a week, even spent a lot of money.

  • So they go to the theater.

  • But they also likely do a bus tour.

  • Do the London I do the Tower of London, do the riverboat cruise, and, um, and there in kind of generates the economy and they got a lot of touchpoints along there that that are currently in deep pain because the people aren't that.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • And this is something that everyone's been talking about.

  • I mean, I personally think we need to really just strip everything back and think, What can we do to promote these businesses?

  • Which means, um, again, cutting the business rates and giving that mawr of, ah, deferral.

  • And I know you've been talking about the S O s London.

  • Um, drop them right down.

  • I mean, businesses, air struggling.

  • Thio pay rent.

  • Right now, the congestion charge has got to be removed.

  • It's got to be removed.

  • People need to want to come in here on the weekends and spend.

  • Um, we have to again find the science based solutions to get our hospitality venues back.

  • And what I think we don't have to do is say, a lockdowns inevitable when it locked down.

  • Should be based on science.

  • Actually, locked down should be on actually taking a break from the NHS.

  • That's originally what a lock down was for.

  • It was never created to stop the spread of disease.

  • Um, I just feel like we need to look at this through a different lens and not a callous lens.

  • there are definitely people in danger, but those people need to be protected.

  • But again, I see this disproportionate response.

  • Where whole industry, a whole city, a whole country is being forced to be penalized when most of those people could safely goto work most.

  • Those people really want to come to London.

  • They want to experience culture.

  • Andi, I appreciate with what you're doing with S O.

  • S.

  • Um, any of the messages with us out west that you're trying to get out there?

  • I know you mentioned business rates as well.

  • Um, the the I suppose the truth is that we're we're almost we're now we're focusing our efforts and onto what our next phases.

  • So we had a big push for for what we hoped the government would do to help support us through that through the back end of the summer and into the autumn on.

  • We're now we've got We've actually got a meeting.

  • Early next week, Thio discuss our strategies for for the winter.

  • Um and really, in light of the recent government announcements and the fact that we we still feel more support is needed your bit disappointed that we went to tear too, I'm guessing very much so.

  • Yeah.

  • As as much as anything.

  • For because of what it means for the overall mood on the overall feel about London.

  • What it will do for people in Kent and Surrey and Cambridge here who were thinking about day tripping into London.

  • Who are our customer base right now?

  • Um, yeah.

  • My fear is what What it will do to their mindset.

  • Why?

  • Why?

  • What?

  • What?

  • What while one my wife mhm.

um,tell me more about SOS .

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SOS FOR LONDON: Why We Are In Desperate Need Of Tourists To Keep Our Industry Alive - David Stafford

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