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  • the World Tourism and Travel Council predicted some pretty bad things recently that London would be the hardest hit city in Europe.

  • And it's the worst hit city in the UK And I think the president, Gloria Guevara, said that quote the UK could take years to recover from the slump in demand, which could threaten London's position.

  • You know, for a long time I mean, London is such a massive hub of activity from tourism, like we forget how it just it really is.

  • And this again just further erodes that confidence, right?

  • Yeah, I quite agree.

  • And I think eso our businesses, um, we're based in big cities so way are focused on the biggest cities in the world Are big operations air in London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Um, on the one of the toughest things for us through this thing Pandemic is that those are the places that their biggest hit in a sense, um, that have found it most difficult.

  • The people are avoiding big cities, and that is one of London's problems and going to be one of London's problems.

  • Coming out of this is the the feeling the feeling people have about big cities.

  • Now, um, we've on big data.

  • We we talked to our competitors who have businesses in York and in bath and knowledge.

  • We don't we only operate in the big city, so we don't have, like, the smaller provincial businesses.

  • But they've said to us, you know, smaller cities actually doing OK because people are still going toe Cambridge or Oxford or on bath and day tripping to those smaller cities.

  • But they're actually they're carrying more passengers in those cities, and they are in London because people people are scared of.

  • There has been this breeding of fear almost about going to big cities.

  • And that's the big challenge and hurdle we need to overcome is toe build that confidence back, as I keep saying, Yeah, and it's just not true.

  • I mean, I think London's our number.

  • I think it's still under one, you know, which means the disease is contracting, not expanding.

  • But there's been this campaign of fear.

  • Um, you walk into the hospitality venues here.

  • They're as good as anywhere else.

  • Like, you know, there's no makes no sense best in the world.

  • It's best in the world.

  • It is, and I This is the greatest city in the world.

  • I honestly think we could be a world leader in the protocols that we have to show that we could have people back in theaters back in the center of the city, safely at restaurants, safety of pubs.

  • Everyone's really going out of their way toe work.

  • For that, I really also think that the leadership could encourage the city to get back to work.

  • I think we could sit down with 25 of the global banks and law firms and say, What do you need to encourage your able workers to come back in?

  • You know that that big building you wanted to build in Canary warf Let's talk.

  • You know, what else would would you like?

  • You know, this is still the premier financial institution because that's killing things as well.

  • I know you have a massive tourism that happens in the City of London in Saint Paul.

  • All the black cab drivers tell me all that business has dried up.

  • Um, but it needs leadership for that to happen, needs someone of the vision that could go out and leave in the front and say, Guess what?

  • This is gonna be a safe city.

  • We're gonna do it better than anyone else.

  • Let's get people back here.

  • Um, unfortunately, fear is, it spreads, doesn't it?

  • It's almost contagious.

  • And when it takes, takes control of your amygdala and you make, um, you make emotional decisions and not intelligent logical decisions on duh needs to change.

  • Yeah, I agree, Andi, especially working in what we work in, which is people having their fun time.

  • So we give great open top bus tours toe people are having their downtime and her enjoying their weekend breaks away.

  • Andi, that is the polar opposite of of the fear of, you know, moving, which is currently, um, debilitating.

  • Andi is stopping a lot of people from coming and visiting.

  • Yeah, Yeah, that's true.

  • What is the winner looking like for you?

  • And also just final thoughts.

  • Yeah, I'd love thio end on a positive, a positive message.

  • But we do feel like we've said for a few weeks winter is coming and we feel like winter is almost here.

  • Um, Andi, it's gonna be a long, hard winter for those businesses in tourism.

  • Um, we, um we will do whatever we can Thio keep operating on bond.

  • Keep trying to generate some business and giving fantastic tools that we give.

  • Um, but the winter is our is our low season.

  • Anyway, Andi as a zit is for for much of tourism.

  • Andi, um, furlough is ending on the 31st of October on government support is dropping away as the as the sentiment and overwhelming feeling is going in the opposite direction again on bond.

  • That's a big challenge for us.

  • My, my, my wife.

  • Why my wife?

the World Tourism and Travel Council predicted some pretty bad things recently that London would be the hardest hit city in Europe.

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