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  • So I posted quite a few videos this weekend about how the bookmakers here in London have now ranked us a clear number three as your next mayor off London.

  • Now, this might have been a surprise to some people out there, but it wasn't a surprise to us because we take this race very seriously.

  • We have been working on our policies for the past three months, and we have some distinct plans that make us very, very different from three other candidates out there.

  • We want to get London back toe work.

  • We wanna put your health first.

  • We wanna put science first.

  • We wanna put education first, and we're not the typical crop of politicians with their vested interests and there careers in politics, we are someone different were someone who thinks of the world from an entrepreneurial standpoint.

  • We've run businesses before, and we understand the struggles off business here in London.

  • And so it makes us very different from the current mayor from the conservative candidate.

  • And right now we are considered the number three contenders, soon to be the number two contender.

  • If the odds keep moving the way they have our chances of becoming the next mayor of London, doubled on Friday night.

  • Then they doubled again on Saturday on They're Getting Better and better Every single day is people open up and realize that we are speaking the truth.

  • We are coming from the heart way, are coming from a sense of change, and we're coming from a place of service.

  • We want to serve the nine million people here in London and work in your interests, not in the interests of these career politicians.

  • And so I really want to say thank you so much for everybody out there for showing the support.

  • Thank you to the bookies out there for recognizing that we really are the candidates and we are super excited.

  • Now we're going head to head against the two major parties in this country, labor and conservative, and that's okay.

  • I feel very good doing that, and, uh, but the truth is, is it's going to take all of your help to get us to the next level.

  • We have to do this together, and it's gonna be a long race.

  • It's gonna get nasty because they're fighting for their livelihood.

  • They're fighting for the only job they can get in this town, which is in politics, and so they're gonna hold on to it.

  • But we have something different.

  • We have been speaking our truth here for the past six or seven months as we've gone through this crisis.

  • I've been speaking my truth on London Real for nine years on.

  • But the truth is is that all of you really know that we stand for what we believe, and we're not afraid to put it out there and make the changes necessary.

  • And let's be honest, we need change right now.

  • We need leadership here.

  • We need a proportional response to the virus.

  • We need science based decision making.

  • None of our current politicians wouldn't even know what those things mean if you actually told them to their faces.

  • And that's why I think we're such a clearly obvious candidate to be the next mayor of the city.

  • So I just want to say thank you so much for the support.

  • I really appreciate you, but it's just begun.

  • I'm gonna need all of your help to get this done.

  • And I'm gonna need to listen to more of you.

  • I've already had on the show actually, people from the hospitality industry entrepreneurs in this city.

  • Taxi drivers, people from the gym industry, people from the theater industry, people taking care of our elderly on.

  • I'm gonna continue getting these people on the show so they can voice their concerns on.

  • We can make these changes and all I want is this.

  • I wanna make London a world class city.

  • Once again.

  • It pains me to know that's were one of the lowest performing major cities in the world.

  • When we could be the greatest, we could be a beacon of light.

  • We could be an example for the other large cities in the world.

  • But instead way are succumbing to these ridiculous ideas of our current crop of politicians, scare tactics, fearmongering and doing nothing to help with business on.

  • At this point, we're gonna make the city bankrupt, and I just will not sit by and let that happen.

  • So that's why I'm doing this.

  • Like I said, I will need your help.

  • We're looking for volunteers as well.

  • In the next couple of months, all that's handled on my website.

  • But look, today I just want to say thank you so much and we're gonna keep pushing forward, talking about the important issues, making the difficult decisions and again laying mawr of my policies out to you of how we're gonna make London a world class city once again.

  • I'm excited.

  • Thank you very much to you and Mawr coming very, very soon.

So I posted quite a few videos this weekend about how the bookmakers here in London have now ranked us a clear number three as your next mayor off London.

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