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  • How the election will impact the stock market Will the stock market crash if Biden Wins?  

  • Which Stocks Will Rise?

  • The stock market has always been intense  right before the election. Because who ever  

  • gets into the White House will eventually  have a lot of influence over the economy,  

  • the policies and the taxes. That's why a lot of  investors are waiting for the election to be over  

  • in order to decide what to do nextthe uncertainty is preventing a lot  

  • of people from moving forward. But what we want to figure out is  

  • how the election is going to impact the  stock market, what is going to happen to  

  • the stocks you have purchased with the money  you have earned with your blood and sweat.

  • Lets start with Trump, if trump winsprobably nothing much will happen,  

  • the stock market will continue to rise as it did  since the republics will keep taxes low as they  

  • did in the last 4 years, or as they usually do. But its not just the US president who decides  

  • everything, the house and the senate are equally  important. Currently the republicans are the  

  • majority in the senate and democrats are the  majority in the house. If trump is re-elected,  

  • probably the balance of power will stay the same.

  • However, the second scenario is if Biden wins  which seems very likely according to polls,  

  • but we can't really trust the polls completely  since everything could change by November 3rd.  

  • But lets still assume Biden wins, some investors  will definitely sell off their investments because  

  • democrats tradiotnally raise taxes, especially  corporate taxes. 
Before trump took office, during  

  • the Obama era corporate taxes in the US were over  38 percent, and Trump lowered it to just 21%. 

  • Higher corporate taxes meansless earnings for the companies,  

  • which eventually will influence stock prices.

  • But it is not going to be a huge dipthings should get back to normal quickly.  

  • And if you take into a account that we are in  the middle of a pandemic and businesses are  

  • suffering. Many of them are in fact relying on  the government to survive, it doesn't make sense  

  • to raise taxes now, so even if Biden winshe probably won't raise taxes immediately  

  • until a vaccine will be ready and things will get  back to normal and judging the size of the crisis,  

  • that doesn't seem to happen anytime seenat least not in the first half of 2021.

  • But there are certain stocks  that will definitely do well such  

  • clean energy stocks since Biden proposed a plan  to invest heavily in clean erergy to speed up  

  • the process of transforming to renewable energyAnd guess which company is going to shine - Tesla

  • Tesla is leading the race to renewable energy and  the more the government invests in this field,  

  • the better it is for Tesla. Will Tesla stock rise, probably, but  

  • it's really difficult to make any prediction on  Tesla because the stock is like a rollercoaster.

  • In the long run, lets say 10 or 15 years from nowit doesn't matter what happens in this election,  

  • the market will return back to its track, if its  overvalued, it will drop, if its undervalued,  

  • it will raise. Rushing to sell  off all of your investments  

  • isn't really the greatest idea ever. Don't let  uncertainty push to make an emotional decision.

  • Hey There, you are probably surprised to see  me because this is not the type of videos  

  • we make on this channel. Don't worry, we will keep  uploading fully animated videos as usual however  

  • I am going to make additional type videos  where I will be covering the stock market  

  • a little more often than this channel overall  does. We will discuss everything that's happening  

  • from individual stocks to whats happening in the  market in general to find out great investments

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  • Thanks for watching and until next time.

How the election will impact the stock market Will the stock market crash if Biden Wins?  

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