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  • You like women? Yes

  • How's it going? Good I'm Adam. I'm Jeff nice to meet you

  • Hi I'm Kaitlyn

  • You look nervous

  • I'm always nervous

  • Why?

  • I'm a pretty nervous guy

  • This is Keddy

  • Hi nice to meet you

  • Why did you ever think it was a sin?

  • Because it says so in the bible

  • So which one of you is gay?

  • Right here

  • We were taught that it's wrong

  • How do you kiss another guy? I don't get that

  • The same way you kiss another girl

  • So are you gay?

  • Yeah

  • You're so pretty to be gay

  • I feel like gay men have more sex than straight men

  • I don't know I've been with my boyfriend for 10 years and I've never had sex with

  • anybody else

  • Well I play the banjo

  • That's cute

  • I don't have a natural response to that

  • You're kind of cute

  • That doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt? No

  • I like your lipstick

  • Thank you

  • I could do without the gay parade

  • Then don't go

  • If you didn't know would you think I was gay?

  • Yeah

  • You'd knew?

  • Yeah

  • Really?

  • Of course I mean look at you you're gorgeous

  • We can start with a handshake

  • Hello

  • Do you want to just go for it?

  • I've never you know

  • Should we start with hugging first

  • Fine fine

  • Okay now give a good. Oh yeah there we go

  • It's okay right?

  • You're easy to hug

  • Squishing, our boobs together? Okay

  • Okay lets bring it in for a hug here

  • I'll try not to hug too strong

  • It's going to be a bro hug?

  • I did shave before coming so I'm probably a little less scary

  • Where?

  • My face

  • Okay

  • You kind of remind me of my husband do you know that?

  • I'm still normal you're still normal

  • Same people just hugging

  • You rock it like a super star

  • Yeah absolutely

  • You seem like a cool guy I just think your whole sex thing is kind of gross

  • I think your whole sex thing is kind of gross

  • Fair enough

  • It's true

You like women? Yes

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First Gay Hug (A Homophobic Experiment) | First Kiss Video

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