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  • e I saw on TV watching the news.

  • E woke up in the morning.

  • E heard about it that night.

  • She sent me a video this morning.

  • I woke up.

  • I looked at it.

  • Uh, I've seen a lot of crazy videos in my job, but this one was definitely one of one of the hardest to watch.

  • Especially first thing in the morning.

  • That day e actually asked my wife when she wanted to see this.

  • I said, you got to see this.

  • She said, I do not want to see that.

  • I can't take that right now.

  • Yeah, They talk about police brutality all the time.

  • Just briefly looked at.

  • And I'm like, damn, they killed another brother.

  • And, uh, thing has been happening is going on.

  • You see?

  • It isn Hey, man, let me see your other hand.

  • I'm sorry.

  • Let me see.

  • Your other hand was on both hands.

  • Hands up right now.

  • Let me see your other hand.

  • Please don't shoot me, please.

  • E Oh, the world is tired of seeing people get murdered.

  • Police brutality and just people not getting treated the same.

  • I was like, Oh, my God.

  • My God!

  • Yeah, People before there was ever a black lives movement.

  • There was an abolitionist move before there was ever a black lives movement.

  • There was a black liberation movement.

  • They don't want us to use black power.

  • I got news for them.

  • There was a civil rights movement somewhere I e.

  • That's the greatness of America is the right toe protest for right.

  • There are people that have been the constant victims of brutality on the part of America's Racists, and the government has found itself either unwilling or unable to do anything about it.

  • But you gotta remember, right before George Floyd, there was my arm who was just jogging in his neighborhood and he got shot Bye to wanna be cops, then Rianna Taylor laying in her bed.

  • 1 a.m. in the morning, at least just walk in and just start blasting way.

  • People just wake up.

  • George Lloyd, Dad, obviously I was distraught, but literally two days late Are black camp man named Time of day.

  • It was murder about how happy deleted all of these things happened and rarely anyone outside of our communities, that's and I are paying any attention on that Trans lives not true beef inhumanity of the killing them towards ploy.

  • It just it was way were already a time bomb.

  • You just ran out and exploded.

  • The utilizing the scythe.

  • Yeah.

  • A thio beat up on protesters because buildings were burning and not understanding condition in which they found themselves was morally hypocritical to me, a policeman can come to your city and literally take your life without morrow compunction Or it appears too often legal redress if you don't own your own body, what are you concerned about a building for?

  • You don't own a neighborhood.

  • You don't own buildings.

  • You don't own anything if you can't own yourself.

  • And that was a fundamental truth that was driven home by the death of Mr Floyd.

  • And those people responded in measures of anger, grief and hurt that were appropriate to their situations.

  • I believe wholeheartedly that the only way this will get better if if the police and the community form a strong bond, bridge that gap and say we are not tolerating bad cops, we're tolerating people who are trying to destroy in the community.

  • You can't have police reform and not have community reform.

  • It's still you're still gonna have the same problem.

  • What's interesting about this moment is it's not simply a triumph of black lives matter, though it is that.

  • But Al Sharpton was on this way before it became popular.

  • Al Sharpton, I think, has rarely been given credit for having anticipated this as the central and defining civil rights issue of our times.

  • Uh, in my heart of hearts, I believe this was a trickle is going to lead off federal legislation may take a minute, but I really believe this is different.

  • Is that because I think that in some of the cases way moved black America?

  • This is the case to move America.

  • All of them.

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm, yeah.

e I saw on TV watching the news.

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Voices from the Black Lives Matter Protests (A Short Film) | Vanity Fair

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