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  • Oh, we've packed all the power and productivity of the note into two different sizes, so you can choose the one that's right for you.

  • It's the narrowest note we've ever made.

  • And for those diehard note fans, the Note 10 plus comes with the biggest screen ever on a note Today at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, Samsung unveiled its newest phone, the Galaxy.

  • Note.

  • 10.

  • The Noten's dynamic amoled display is brilliant and utterly immersive, and it gives off less blue light to maximize your eye comfort without sacrificing color, Samson says.

  • They have made the selfie camera smaller.

  • It's now a tiny cut out at the top of the screen.

  • At the bottom, we built an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor right beneath the glass.

  • When it comes to color, we've designed some amazing new options.

  • Of course, since it's a note, the phone also comes with an S pen.

  • We collected millions of handwriting samples to create a database of dozens of languages so the Espen can accurately convert your handwriting and Samsung notes also coming to the S pen and accelerometer.

  • By detecting the direction and acceleration of your movements, the Espen lets you control your device with simple gestures, and it could be used to control other APS, too.

  • We worked with YouTube to integrate motion controls into their app, and we're also giving Galaxy users access to YouTube premium.

  • There are three lenses on the back of the note.

  • 10 along with some cool new camera features with the note.

  • 10.

  • There's a perfect lens for every shot we're taking the pro grade photography tools of the note and extending them to video with no tin, you can apply bouquet to your videos to now.

  • The note.

  • 10 lets you zoom in on sounds.

  • So as you zoom in, both the image and the sounds come into focus.

  • Super Study puts an action camera in your smartphone so using the Noten's built in gyro sensor, Super Steady detects speed and shakiness to stabilize your footage.

  • For you, filmmaking isn't just about capturing awesome video and audio.

  • That's why we put an entire editing suite right on the note.

  • 10.

  • One of the coolest features Samsung showed off three D scanning, so let's make sure that I kept Bobby from every angle.

  • Now that I have it, I can create all sorts of amazing things.

  • Wow, did you see that Bobby is able to track Shawn's movements?

  • The No.

  • 10 comes with 256 gigs of storage, and the plus will also be available in a 512 gigabyte model.

  • The phone has a vapor chamber to cool the phone during intense gaming support for fast wireless charging 2.0, superfast wire charging and powered share so you can charge other devices with your phone's battery.

  • There are five G editions of both phones to take advantage of those super fast speeds.

  • Samsung has also added some new features to its deck software, which enables the phone to be used on your computer.

  • We're excited to announce a major new partnership with our good friends at Microsoft unifying the PC to mobile experience.

  • And once you are linked, you will have access to your most recent text notifications, pictures and much more from inside your your phone app.

  • Or I can simply click the notification to be ableto get my entire phone screen mirrored onto my PC.

  • Whether you choose the note 10 or the note 10 plus, your device will unlock a world of possibilities.

  • The Galaxy note.

  • 10 will start at $949 while the notes and plus starts at $1099 and you could get yours on August 23rd.

  • Samsung also showed off features of its new galaxy Watch active, too.

  • I'm super jazz that it comes in a size this perfect for a smaller wrists like mine.

  • We brought back their signature rotating bezel, which everyone adored this time in a digital form.

  • It has powerful sensors that monitor everything from your stress levels to your sleep quality.

  • In terms of availability.

  • The act of two starts at 2 79 and you can buy beginning September 13th.

  • Another device, Samsung, showed off the new tab s six tablet.

  • You compare it with the keyboard, which now by popular demand, comes with a track pad.

  • The Taba six starts at 6 49 and it's available from August 23rd.

  • Samsung surprised the audience with the Galaxy Book s a Windows 10 laptop.

  • It's got a gorgeous 13 inch touchscreen.

  • And thanks to Qualcomm, the Galaxy Book s has a powerful mobile chip set with lt connectivity, and it runs Windows 10.

  • So you get all the benefits of a PC environment.

  • It's super powerful battery last 23 hours.

  • It will be available starting at 9 99 beginning in September.

  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also made an appearance at the event.

  • Both companies are teaming up to creating more unified experience across their devices.

  • Samson closed out the event by emphasizing its commitment to the U.

  • N sustainable development goals, and they will now have an app on galaxy devices to offer users away to support causes they care about.

  • I look forward to working together with poppers and committed to deliver on new generation of a mobile experiences.

  • That's how you build a better global society.

  • Thank you.

  • What do you think of the galaxy?

  • Note 10.

  • Which you ditch your current phone for it.

  • Let us know in the comments.

  • Mhm.

Oh, we've packed all the power and productivity of the note into two different sizes, so you can choose the one that's right for you.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Event In 6 Minutes

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