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  • I know it's not your specialty, but we keep hearing in the news about about care homes.

  • And, you know, I know that the recent public health England numbers said, Still, 43% of Kobe transmissions is happening in care homes, and I think all of us, it's just almost flabbergasting.

  • But I don't think most people have ever been to a care home, and we even know what that is like.

  • You know what?

  • Maybe there's things you can tell us about what it's like to be in one of those homes or, you know, any information that might help.

  • So we can try to understand what that's like mentally.

  • And then what?

  • What, what?

  • What could be solutions to that?

  • Well, nobody needs to know what the inside of a care home looks like until they need to go there either to live there or toe visit there, obviously to work there.

  • Um, there's still a lot to learn about the disaster of care homes, and I should add, it's not just this country.

  • Sweden that's had a very much more liberal policy of a lock down, had a terrible disaster over care, home deaths that they've got a inquiry into at the moment.

  • I understand, Andi.

  • We've all got things to learn on.

  • I suppose care homes weren't designed for this kind of pandemic that effects older people and care homes to generalize have the very elderly in them.

  • They are designed to keep people together for reasons we've just been talking about, Um, people come in and out of thumb.

  • It's I read an interesting thing that the smaller care homes have had less infections simply because I assume there have been less people coming and going from outside on some care homes.

  • That staff decided to stay there, to live there, to camp out in their own place of work.

  • So they weren't always coming and going and potentially picking up infections from outside.

  • That is, Ah, huge sacrifice to make, often from care home staff who are not very well paid, often from abroad.

  • Immigrants working in the UK who moved from somewhere else.

  • Andi, they've made those kind of sacrifices, and I think that's extraordinary.

  • But we've got a lot to learn.

  • Yeah, we've got an awful lot to learn and think about it.

  • It's not just about how KA homes arranged physically and organizationally.

  • But how we look after our older people too much more generally, you know, very much so, I mean, you mentioned there was some riel problems, you know, in these care homes.

  • And I think Amnesty International, uh, you know, recently said that you know, some of the care home policies, you know, violated the fundamental human rights of vulnerable elderly residents.

  • And they said some of the treatments were inhumane, degrading, inexplicable.

  • And I think we're all a bit frustrated.

  • And I would love it if the government could think about, you know, channeling more.

  • Resource is, you know, to this area of our economy.

  • Um, it's just not being talked about enough.

  • No, thank you.

  • That's absolutely right.

  • There have always been issues in care homes.

  • Um, it's sort of reached some sort of public consciousness about poor care, um, abusive care.

  • But this is thrown it much, much more into focus on day, where suddenly the main abuser is a virus, not a human being, but nonetheless, it's thrown care into focus on dweeb.

  • Bean promised for some years now a whole review of our social care system.

  • I'm talking about providing care in people's own homes as well.

  • Eso it all is part of something much larger.

  • Andi, We've yet to see something.

  • I understand that governments are reluctant because of the potential cost on the consequences.

  • But we are in advanced, civilized western society.

  • What are we doing?

  • Ignoring our older people on?

  • I go back to what I said earlier on the problem with older people.

  • Being stuck at home for so long is it's terribly easy to forget about them.

  • They lose their voice on.

  • Do we need to allow those voices to be heard again and taken note off?

  • How is my my wife, Wild from my wife?

I know it's not your specialty, but we keep hearing in the news about about care homes.

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CARE HOMES: How This Lockdown Has Had A Massive Effect on The Elderly - Dr. Tony Burch

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