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  • imagine taking a cab, but instead of a human driver, your car would be fully operated by a software.

  • It's not a taxi.

  • It's a robo taxi.

  • Mhm, a robot taxes a system where the software is controlling all of the driving.

  • It's turning the steering wheel, controlling the throttle, controlling the brakes.

  • There's no human behind the wheel.

  • Emotional is a new autonomous driving joint venture between Jund on Active.

  • The $4 billion company aims to introduce driverless vehicles for ride hailing fleets by 2022 the great promise of robot taxis that these systems will never be drowsy.

  • They'll never be distracted.

  • They have sensors monitoring 360 degrees around the vehicle at all times.

  • Driverless technology will be more skilled than even a skilled human driver.

  • Yangon Emma says.

  • Autonomous taxis have become more relevant today in the age of social distancing No Cove.

  • It has forced us to rethink what safety means.

  • Prior to covitz, safety was all about avoiding crashes.

  • Now safety is about avoiding crashes but also delivering a ride that minimizes the risk of infection.

  • One thing a driverless vehicle can offer is the certainty that you could take a trip and you won't have to share space with a stranger.

  • Uh, that's a very powerful benefit on the race for driverless vehicles is heating up.

  • In October, Waymo relaunched on expanded its fully automated Robo taxi ride.

  • Hailing service in Phoenix, the self driving vehicle technology unit of Alphabet said it will offer rides to the public with no human attendant on board.

  • Cruz, which is majorly controlled by General Motors, is also testing vehicles in San Francisco, But it will take time for the public to trust autonomous vehicles.

  • Fully recent accidents involving such vehicles have raised doubts about their readiness for public road.

imagine taking a cab, but instead of a human driver, your car would be fully operated by a software.

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