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  • Now these are another five months.

  • See?

  • Or one C D.

  • J Booth.

  • 10% who die saying bomb Santa.

  • You gotta go with Hong Kong among Toma.

  • Three months time.

  • Why?

  • Why?

  • Why?

  • My life?

  • Her secret.

  • Whole Tonga.

  • Young people like Patrick took to the streets to protest against increased control from Beijing.

  • He is conscious office scars.

  • The bullet pierced through his kidneys, his liver.

  • But he survived.

  • That's thanks.

  • It was here at this busy intersection that the unarmed protester was shot at point blank range.

  • It was streamed live on social media.

  • Today, many young Hong Kongers feel that the victims off a political crisis which was forced to play out on the streets again.

  • Sanction.

  • How do you mean?

  • Um Father Son taking for okay.

  • When I met Akin and Patrick, I was struck by their youthfulness.

  • It was as if they were only playing soldier in last year's protests.

  • Now they have to live with real life consequences.

  • Yeah, I legal held or done any more command or they you insurance.

  • That's out of Morehead more so it's on the mogul called the Shanghai Go on.

  • Go!

  • Julia!

  • Mom!

  • Julia!

  • Julia!

  • How they were there, like one for a household.

  • Media cool.

  • Gotta yang high.

  • So the ego who dieting for the high.

  • Okay, so can you handle the young son?

  • Okay, so so you.

  • Hi.

  • Hi.

  • Who?

  • Go Gaga, Chungchong.

Now these are another five months.

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Hong Kong protesters facing prison after being shot by police - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/25
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