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  • We all know about the "internet of things,"

  • but what about the "internet of trucks"?

  • There could be up to 4 million trucks in that network,

  • all capable of making smart decisions in real time.

  • That's a real economic engine

  • putting fleet operators on the road to growth.

  • Trucking is essential for everyday life.

  • Everything we see around us

  • has been delivered here

  • on the back of trucks.

  • The trucking companies that are really getting it right

  • are mastering the data that they collect.

  • These are 40-ton, high-tech machines.

  • When you have a connected fleet,

  • you can imagine all the data that they generate

  • with every quarter-mile they drive.

  • The mandate that all trucks be equipped

  • with electronic logging devices opened the data floodgates.

  • Now, strategic carriers are widening their scopes.

  • They track engine hours.

  • They track fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance.

  • Just shaving one minute off the time of delivery

  • can actually result in hundreds of millions of dollars

  • in additional profit.

  • That's just the beginning of what's possible

  • as trucks and forklifts and loading docks

  • start talking to each other.

  • But it takes processing speed to get there.

  • It's easy to get information about your fleet,

  • but the future really is around understanding

  • that edge-to-edge intelligence

  • that allows us to process data at the edge

  • and turn it into near real-time insights.

  • In the next 20 years,

  • we're going to see the majority of trucking on the road

  • working in these autonomous lanes.

  • That's when you're going to see

  • chains of trucks working together,

  • anticipating one another's next move.

  • That doesn't mean fewer workers.

  • It just means they work differently, they work smarter.

  • The drivers get that lower latency that 5G enables.

  • Trucks can go on autopilot and become mobile workstations

  • so drivers can plug into command central

  • and do other types of work.

  • With 5G, you're going to have trucks coming off

  • of autonomous lanes to dock at hubs

  • where humans could take the wheel for those

  • complicated last miles through cities or residential areas.

  • Carriers will need precise visibility into their fleet

  • to manage those handoffs.

  • Ultimately, we'll want the same thing

  • out of our internet of trucks

  • that we want out of the internet of things:

  • seamless interactions, having our needs anticipated,

  • and the ability to get even more mileage out of our days.

We all know about the "internet of things,"

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How Trucking Companies Master Data Collection

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