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  • good morning pals.

  • Let's start our day saying things we like about ourselves.

  • I am smart.

  • I am a good friend.

  • I never give up.

  • Let's give ourselves a round of applause.

  • Well, I just can't get that fancy dancing beat.

  • What can we do to help Goofy get the fancy dance beat?

  • Is there something we can use?

  • Every girl?

  • Good idea, Donald.

  • Everybody say, Gosh, Onley!

  • The mystery Mosca Tulis left.

  • I sure hope it's something that will help me get the dance beat.

  • Everybody say Mystery mouth.

  • What's today's mystery mouse?

  • Cattle?

  • Ah, Drum!

  • Will it help Goofy If we beat the drum to the beat of the fancy dance?

  • You think so?

  • Well, so do I.

  • We picked all our musket tools say Super Cheers.

  • Okay, everybody, When I hit the drum, clap Your hands on the beat Step step hop, shake, step, step hop shake step, step pop shake step, step pop shake step, step Pop Shake Hey, it's four King step step Hop shake step, step Hop Shake Row Row Gosh, Looks like our friends air right on time.

  • I'm already for the fancy dance I've got my purple polka, dotty toy non stinky new shoes and a pretty yellow daffodil e for Clara Bill and you're the drunk Who wants her?

  • Who?

  • There's just one more thing to dio the party decorations way.

  • Wear clothes.

  • Oh, Mickey Clubhouse looks wonderful.

  • Thistle is for you, Clara Bill.

  • It's a deli of a nap.

  • Adelie.

  • Why, thank you, Goofy.

  • It's yellow just like my dress.

  • Oh, and you're wearing my favorite kind of time Purple polka dotted and I'm already toe fancy dance to watch this step, step, shake, step, step, shake, step, step up shake Oh, well, that's a wonderful fancy dance Goofy.

  • But, uh, well, I was hoping we could do the hot dog dance.

  • Really?

  • Why?

  • That's my favorite danceable.

  • Oh yeah, those air.

  • The moves that tickle my smooth dog Let's all do the hot dog dance with Goofy and Clara Bell Way.

  • Look at May everybody.

  • I'm doing the hot dog dance.

  • Just slap your arms and kick out your legs.

  • You're doing great.

  • Yep.

  • What a hot way.

  • Wait for now from Mickey Mouse.

  • That's in the middle.

  • Thanks for stopping by.

good morning pals.

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Dance Party at the Clubhouse ?| Mickey Mornings | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse | Disney Junior

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/25
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