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  • guys, Here's what I'm gonna do.

  • I'm gonna goto a random stranger's house and knock on their door.

  • Mhm.

  • Thank you.

  • Enter their home and sit on.

  • They cannot kick me out for three days.

  • Welcome to our home.

  • Can I get you some water or coffee for three days?

  • They have to feed me.

  • Let me play with their cat.

  • Give me water and shelter.

  • And on Lee.

  • After 72 hours they can ask me why I am here.

  • Why are you here on guard?

  • How can we help you?

  • What you just saw may look exaggerated.

  • But it's a really thing.

  • In the Bedouin culture you have to treat guests for three days in your home before you can ask them why they came to visit.

  • Why are you here?

  • And this rare generosity is why you should travel toe Arab countries.

  • For example Take the Emirates.

  • In this country, there are a lot off Arabs who look like this.

  • Movies make them look unfriendly.

  • But in real life they are generous at restaurants you have no chance off paying for the bill.

  • The locals will always fight to pay on your behalf In other places.

  • People fight because they don't want to pay.

  • And here they fight because they want to pay way.

  • But then why just let it say, Why are you finding about?

  • It's considered shameful not to offer guests food.

  • That's why you'll see these meals and these meals regularly offered to guess.

  • There's the sing in many parts of the world that the customer is always right.

  • But in this part of the world, we say that the guest is always first.

  • They will also dress you up like one of them and share with you.

  • Their farm produce things is a lot of food, man.

  • Thank you.

  • Uh, I'm not saying this as a tourist.

  • I know this because I'm Arab too.

  • And for all my life, I did not know why my people fight to pay.

  • The tradition of welcoming someone for three days has been passed down from Bedouin culture.

  • No matter who you are, no matter where you're from, when we see you, you are welcome and you are safe.

  • What, Theo?

  • Truth is, my people have a lot off stereotypes and many of them are true.

  • We do have a problem with women treatment.

  • We do have a problem with tolerance.

  • We do have a problem with endless wars, but we do not have a problem with generosity because no one else would host a guest in their own home for three days.

  • Without question, there are many more stereotypes about us that need to be broken.

  • This is why you need to come.

  • Visit.

  • Come visit.

  • Come visit.

  • You will be safe, full and satisfied.

guys, Here's what I'm gonna do.

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Be Careful Of An Arab's Home

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