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  • this video is about the life of a teacher like Mr T.

  • Hi, I'm Mr T and this is my life.

  • Mr.

  • T is a history teacher who is paid to teach kids history No more, no less.

  • But Mr T loves to put effort.

  • So he spent his own money on pianos, supplies, ukulele lease to teach his kids music.

  • Remember, he does all of this as an extra music allows.

  • So breathe in any other job, Mawr work equals mawr pay.

  • But Mr T, like many teacher doesn't do it for the money.

  • This job you can't do just for the money.

  • He comes in early, leaves late and is exhausted by the end of the day every day.

  • Boom, shocker.

  • So many teachers go the extra mile.

  • They put the extra effort extra time, extra love to raise future generations for little money and little recognition.

  • Today we celebrate the Mr Tees off with before you go.

  • One last thing.

  • That video you just saw I made using this camera and this microphone.

  • But for the first time ever, I'm ditching my camera and I'm picking up my podcasting equipment because yes, I'm starting a podcast.

  • It's called mass talks.

  • It's free and it's on Lee on Spotify.

  • And if you liked that video, I think you're gonna love the podcast because I just wanted to make a podcast about things that I would listen to about topics that I wanna listen.

  • Thio Yes, no stocks is 100% honest and raw and deep, and by the way, it's 100% free.

  • So keep your money and give me your ears.

  • Because if you like this video, I think you're gonna love this podcast.

  • See you on Spotify.

this video is about the life of a teacher like Mr T.

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Life of a Teacher

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/25
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