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  • Boris Johnson has insisted that his regional approach to tackling the virus is the best way to limit the rising cases on to avoid what he described as the misery off a full lock down within England, there are different restrictions, depending on where people live or work.

  • Most part of England are in Tier One, as it's known where the rule of stick six still applies on the 10 PM hospitality curfew is still in place.

  • People living in areas like Greater Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, large areas of the Midlands have now been placed in Tier two on That means there'll be no household mixing indoors on the rule off.

  • Six applies outdoors on the Liverpool City region has been placed in Tier three.

  • That is the highest level, which means no mixing off households indoors or outdoors, and pubs and bars will close unless they provide what is called a substantial meal.

  • But as our political editor Laura Ginsburg, reports, Labor has again called for a short, limited lock down in England, a so called circuit breaker to bring the virus under control.

  • The rolling valley around glassed in retour around here in Somerset have Bean, 44 new cases of coronavirus in the last seven days.

  • Nottingham's Old Market Square In this bustling part of the world, nearly 3000 people have fallen ill with the disease over the same time.

  • Why you bias prime minister That difference why the prime minister is resisting bringing in a limited lock down across England.

  • The opposition, though it's split away after the government's own senior scientists proposed a short, sharp period of closures on the 21st of September, the government's own scientific advisers, sage, gave very clear advice.

  • They said a package of interventions, including a circuit breaker, will be needed to prevent an exponential rise in cases.

  • Why did the prime is to reject that advice on abandon the science?

  • He wants to close pubs.

  • He wants to close bars.

  • He wants to close businesses in areas across the country where the incidents is low and he wants toe.

  • That's what he wants to do.

  • What Labor is proposing is not as strict as the lock down from earlier this year, but Downing Street wants to avoid it.

  • And there's little appetite on the Tory benches, too.

  • I know that for someone who's been an opportunist, all his life.

  • Thistle is difficult.

  • This is difficult to understand.

  • But having read and considered the sage advice, I have genuinely concluded that a circuit break is in the national interest.

  • The whole point, Mr Speaker, is to seize this moment now to avoid the misery off another national locked down into which he wants to go headlong by delivering a regional solution.

  • Politicians don't like admitting it, but there can be opportunity in crisis.

  • And there have been conversations in government about bringing in a limited lock down to close pubs and bars everywhere to slow the disease down.

  • Number 10 is loath to press the button on a limited locked down for England, not just because of the harm that could do to the way the country makes its living, but also why treat everywhere the same when the pattern of the disease varies from place to place.

  • But avoiding a limited locked down is a strong hope, not a guarantee more parts of the country could soon fall under tighter rules.

  • A limited lock down is not a never, but it's certainly not for now.

  • Well, some of the government's top scientific and medical advisers from the Joint Security Center met earlier today to discuss whether to recommend placing much of the north of England and the Midlands in the top level of restrictions.

  • Tier three.

  • So let's go back to Laura now at Westminster on.

  • Ask about this Laura.

  • Do detect signs that this Tier three status might be extended.

  • I think you it certainly will, sooner or later.

  • I would stress tonight that there are no final decisions that have been taken about what's next.

  • But it's clear that at that meeting this afternoon, health experts and the health secretary at a meeting did conclude that large parts of England in the Northeast in the Northwest should be brought under tougher restrictions sooner rather than later.

  • But there is a separate track to all of this, which is, of course, theater tempts of Downing Street to reach political accommodations with local leaders.

  • That process is not something that is concluded yet.

  • Now we understand that tomorrow morning there will be a key conversation between the mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham and Downing Street on similar conversations also in leaders in other parts of the Northwest.

  • On while I emphasize that this not is not yet completely clear.

  • There is a strong expectation in Westminster tonight that if we speak tomorrow, by this time of day that Greater Manchester and Lancashire are both likely to have Bean moved into Tier three.

  • That is the toughest category of limits that are being put in place right now.

  • But, of course, there is still some water to flow under the bridge before that actually happens.

  • We know from local leaders on the ground particular, actually, Andy Burnham, that there's a reluctance to go for that unless the government comes up with Mawr forms of compensation.

  • But the question is, perhaps not whether or not this will be agreed, but whether or not the government is actually willing to impose this.

  • I think it is evidence that the government is determined, for now to stick to its regional approach.

  • But that may mean Mawr nights like this, where it's not quite clear what the map of England will look like by the morning Laura.

  • Many thanks again for the latest there.

Boris Johnson has insisted that his regional approach to tackling the virus is the best way to limit the rising cases on to avoid what he described as the misery off a full lock down within England, there are different restrictions, depending on where people live or work.

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