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  • we tell you about the dangers of avalanches?

  • Philip and his friends were going on a ski trip, but they don't just want to stay on the groom piece.

  • They also want some fun off beast to help them avoid dangers.

  • They have done thorough preparations before they hit the slopes.

  • They weigh up the risks.

  • It is vital that everyone answers honestly and that they all take each other's concerns seriously.

  • They are also prepared to take responsibility for one another.

  • Lindsay has seen the good preparation work, but she is still worried.

  • She asks Philip if he knows about accidents and what needs to be done.

  • They help explains to her that in an emergency, one of them should take command.

  • They need to get in overview of the situation.

  • The most important questions are, firstly, are there any further dangers?

  • At present, secondary accidents should be prevented by all means.

  • Secondly, how many people have been buried?

  • Next they need to establish a primary search area.

  • This should be below the point where the person disappeared and be around 20 m wide.

  • Everyone who has not been buried should take their avalanche transceiver and switched to off or receive.

  • They also need to call the emergency services using the North American emergency number 911 They explain what has happened, where they are and what the weather conditions air like.

  • They also need to stay available in case there are any further questions.

  • Philip knows that every minute counts and that they need to start searching themselves for people buried in avalanches.

  • Every single second makes a difference.

  • Phillips knowledge is enough to reassure Lindsay thanks to their great preparation.

  • Nothing Mawr can stop them from having an awesome day skiing.

we tell you about the dangers of avalanches?

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Avalanche Safety (2) - In the Mountains

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/25
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