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  • millions more people are now living under the highest level of coronavirus restrictions in England as the number of cases continue to rise just after midnight.

  • Around 1.4 million people in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield joined the T three alert system.

  • Much of the hospitality industry has had to close on.

  • No household mixing is allowed with greater Manchester, Lancashire, on the city of Liverpool region.

  • It brings the total number of people in England subject to the tightest restrictions toe over 7.3 million.

  • The labor mayor of Sheffield City region has urged the government to set out exactly how the area will exit the new restrictions.

  • Feeling a trot reports nervously watching on Dwayne waiting for what happens next thes days, It's not so different in the human world.

  • It's definitely made us think of where we dio on what we do as a family.

  • We do a lot more outdoor things as opposed to indulge just so we could been away from people think if everyone does their part, the sooner we get it over and done with, the quicker will be on the other end, I think, and in the meantime, this wildlife park is a welcome distraction.

  • But from today, strict travel guidance means it can only rely on local people.

  • But is it enough to keep it going?

  • Looking forward, it's a really scary time for us.

  • As you can imagine, ALS, these wonderful animals that are entrusted into our care, we need to make sure they're kept safe and their welfare is no impacted by cave.

  • It's important that people can come to us.

  • Eso the money keeps coming in so we can keep looking after these wonderful animals.

  • How different it feels in the city center.

  • This pub has been forced to shut that stressful and sad.

  • It's not just the business that's at risk.

  • Dave lives here, too, but he's still thinking of others customers, missiles.

  • We miss them.

  • We use it all their shopping for some of them.

  • We're gonna be limited now because we can't go to their house.

  • We have to leave it outside the door from which a lot of people do anyway.

  • But that's the type of person we are.

  • You know, we are community.

  • Don't have you coming and going.

  • It feels like the world's quinto, and slowly it really does it should have never happened in first place.

  • We should have stayed in lock down all the months ago.

  • Traders here say they need a clear plan, a plan for coming out of stricter measures.

  • And that's something that the mayor for the Sheffield City region has also asked for from the government.

  • And he says that areas also need clear guidance for going into stricter measures to areas like Nottingham, which has more cases than Doncaster.

  • It's expected to be moved into the highest tier next week.

  • Please keep on 2 m apart for respectful social distancing.

  • A review on the Southie auction measures is expected in 28 days.

  • Until then, it's about making the most of what they can do.

  • Just nice Thio.

  • Come out and just try and have family time and a sense of normality, especially for your little ones.

  • While some are used to the cold weather, others air now embracing it, the new way to live life in South Yorkshire.

millions more people are now living under the highest level of coronavirus restrictions in England as the number of cases continue to rise just after midnight.

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Millions more people in England face strictest coronavirus rules as cases rise - BBC News

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