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  • rent and ran its, um or again Edwards, a layer 1 61 last night, tied for the third most by Chiefs rookie in franchise history, most by any teammate of Patrick Mahomes in the NFL.

  • And so as only one place I could start this conversation.

  • Look at the smile on the face of Jeff Saturday.

  • There is nothing an offensive lineman loves more than to see that, And in particular when he was saying when Mahomes was saying they were how far off the defense was playing, tell us what you saw there.

  • Yeah, they're they're they're lining up seven yards flat footed from the line of scrimmage.

  • All their linebackers, they're almost at cornerback level when they're approaching the line of scrimmage.

  • And as you're watching, what what Mahomes is saying there is no other option other than to run it.

  • Because, by the way, you're not gonna get touch for the first four yards.

  • All you gotta do now is run three more.

  • I mean, we are just turning this thing out.

  • This is a requirement for the chief success Greeny.

  • When you look at the way they play like they wanna be sprinters, right?

  • That that's in their nature.

  • That's in their DNA.

  • Guess what Teams.

  • They're gonna make them go.

  • Run the mile, which is frustrating.

  • I love that Pat Mahomes is a Patrick Mahomes up there talking about Hey, we'll run out.

  • We'll win how we want.

  • No, he don't wanna win that way.

  • Andy Reid don't wanna win that way.

  • Nobody on the Chiefs except the offensive line and the running backs wanna win that way.

  • And I absolutely love it.

  • I had tears in my eyes watching that game because that is a thing of beauty.

  • Greeny that is taking them and putting a beat down, imposing your will.

  • That's how you beat the Chargers, the Patriots, and continue whenever he wants to drop a Russia three.

  • Go hammer him.

  • They finally did it.

  • And here's the scariest part.

  • Levian Bells coming to the party.

  • So we saw why Edwards Layer was so hyped up.

  • They're bringing in another dude.

  • He wants to show he still wants to get some action.

  • I absolutely loved it.

  • You saw the way you saw Andy Reid so mad throwing everything.

  • He don't get mad.

  • Usually he's mad because he can't throw it all over the yard, but I loved it, the chief answered, answered the question last night.

  • Are they faced upto win games like this?

  • And they did it, Yeah.

  • I mean, the great teams could beat you.

  • However it is.

  • You wanna make them play.

  • And that's what we saw last night.

  • So, Marcus, now they had that.

  • And as Jeff says, they add Levy in Bell, You're playing defense against Kansas City.

  • What's your mindset going in?

  • Because last night they showed they'll run it down your throat if you force them to choose the way you want to get killed.

  • G.

  • That's it.

  • I mean, look, you are hoping that your offense can put the output needed to force them into some particular situations like the Oakland Raiders were able to do by hitting those deep balls and make a huge plays, because then they have to try to match that.

  • So, offense, being your defense is one of the ways you defend against the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • The second thing is, you have to make up your mind.

  • Look, I know people talk about what You gotta mix up coverages and do all of this.

  • The good defense is that I've been around and and you can't do it to the Chiefs.

  • But this is what you have to do.

  • Sometimes you have to play man and say, Look, we're gonna bring more than you can block Wink Martindale lined up and tried to do it with Baltimore, and it didn't work.

  • And he has Humphries and Peters, and you could argue that that's two of the better corners.

  • But but mixing it up, playing too high safety shell, you're gonna get ran on you bring one safety down, you're gonna get tossed over the dome so it really doesn't matter.

  • You have to hope that your offense is better than the Chiefs offense that day, and that's the only way you get out of there with a W.

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rent and ran its, um or again Edwards, a layer 1 61 last night, tied for the third most by Chiefs rookie in franchise history, most by any teammate of Patrick Mahomes in the NFL.

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