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  • toe, Walk away a 29 and know What else can you say?

  • And here's a tweet from Connor McGregor.

  • Good Performance Cab.

  • I will carry on respect and condolences on your father again, also to you and family your sincerely, the MacGregors.

  • It's just those moments like that right where you see a different side to Connor.

  • These guys air mortal enemies, but Connor writes, that tweet and it goes out to millions of people and you tip your hat to him because it's on Lee respect.

  • Because how else could you not respect the guy that has done with how Bebe has done?

  • Obviously, you know, even in times with my father, uh, with Jones, when it comes to family and lost, all the stuff is out of the window.

  • You know, it does not matter how much we despise each other inside of the Octagon.

  • When it comes to Lawson family, it's all out the window and you see that now with Connor and, uh, with all the other rivals in the past.

  • So if you bought the paper view and you did see the post fight interview with the venom ago made up, you know that his mother did not want him to make the walk here tonight without his father still around.

  • But he felt like this was a chapter that he needed to close.

  • He closes it with about as many style points as you could possibly wanna have.

  • But you're his teammate.

  • I feel like maybe you wanted to see one mawr.

  • But doesn't some part of you feel happy that he's walking away?

  • 2900 0 down?

  • Yeah, I'm very happy for him.

  • You know, I'm just happy that the zero is still on the right side of the record.

  • You know, I've never seen anything like it.

  • You know, a lot of us get toe certain numbers and we're undefeated.

  • And you think, Wow, I'm unbeatable.

  • And then someone beats you.

  • But this guy never got beat, right?

  • This guy And he got mawr dominant as he went on.

  • There was a time in his career where hobby was hurt all the time and nobody had any belief in him.

  • And he kept himself relevant at times by when he got in there, he was dominant and they said he couldn't finish.

  • He was a decision machine.

  • But when you look at the record.

  • There are so many finishes and guess what?

  • The finishes have gone up as he's gotten longer.

  • I mean, the fact that he's going away is sad for the sport because he's a guy that transit.

  • He transcends this thing, right?

  • He's just not an m m a fighter anymore.

  • He's a a celebrity, a worldwide Phanom that people want to see for years to come.

  • And unfortunately, like John said at the desk, he goes, we always say, Take advantage and appreciate these guys while they're here because at some point they're gonna be gone and then you're left wanting Mawr and I mean, I think him leaving us wanting more is the best way.

  • Yeah, and I'm a fan first.

  • And of course I want to see how the fight more.

  • But you know what this turns into when a guy is so dominant?

  • Look, the promotions, not out to get anybody, but it turns into like the mawr.

  • The more dominant you are, the more they're gonna try to get you beaten, stick you in there with the greatest challenges they could possibly find.

  • And I'm confident he could be any man that they put in front of that guy could beat any person on God's green earth that walks on 2 ft.

  • I truly believe that, but it's good to see him go out on top.

  • I mean, you can't really tell the guy that there there, there's no reason for him not to go.

  • If if if this is something, he has converse with his family, he's a man of his word.

  • He's an honorable guy.

  • It's time for him to go.

  • And I'm just honored to be a part of his of this last chapter of his career.

  • It was a lot of fun.

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toe, Walk away a 29 and know What else can you say?

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