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  • uh, this is so scary.

  • Oh, God, What happened?

  • Oh, God, is it breaking down a problem?

  • E.

  • I am Taison Lord Gray.

  • For the last I would say four or five years now every trip has been intentionally to a new country with new customs, new culture Sri Lanka was literally last minute we go Instagram put in the country hashtag Sri Lanka.

  • Then this video pops up and below our tower and it's, you know, individual standing at the top.

  • I'm like I have to do that since the tower on and stop.

  • So the tower is actually in central Sri Lanka which is in the candy region.

  • The structure itself, in terms of architecture was just phenomenal.

  • 48 m for from the base to the top of the tower which is 157 ft in states here way, it really is frightening altitude action affect your breathing.

  • Breathe because a lot of stairs, in addition to the O messing with and should go out of circle Now we're just because I'm taking 23 steps of the time really trying to keep my bearings like over here taking forever.

  • It's so scary.

  • One of the things about climbing the tower is you don't have the safety of a harness.

  • There's still that visceral fear that your body has that I'm not supposed to be.

  • At this height, Tokyo wants first started going up.

  • There's little pockets, little holes where you can still walk into the tower, so to speak.

  • What's in here?

  • If you encounter someone in those spaces, you just kind of step inside and let them go by E o.

  • E was ever been nervous, I think the higher up you get, you lose the little portals.

  • And so at that point, someone just has to hug the wall on the other person has to be very careful on the outside on I was always the Wall E Once you get to the top, you really have this 360 degree panoramic view of Sri Lanka.

  • The view was amazing.

  • And I think for me it was this amazing sense of just accomplishment blew up, Get into it.

  • Sen.

uh, this is so scary.

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Would you climb the Ambuluwawa Tower in Sri Lanka?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/24
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