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  • big shot big cited around town that Big James Harden up fighting throwing goes out.

  • Okay, he's on Gordon.

  • It took almost a year to complete the 2019 20?

  • NBA season.

  • And with everything that happened within those 355 days, it's sometimes felt like 3000 days, and it's sometimes felt like too much to process before it even started.

  • Way back in the simpler era of October 2019 the new face of the MBA Zion Williamson was hurt.

  • And due to miss months thin Stephan Curry broke his hand on the Warriors.

  • The Warriors were tanking.

  • Maybe we should have all seen what this season had come.

  • I want to see the two teams in L A going at each other.

  • Next.

  • I'm the king of the city.

  • This is my throne.

  • But with the battle for L.

  • A.

  • At full throttle with Hawaiian PG teaming up to stand opposite of LeBron and a D Staples center became the new capital of the league.

  • Great great Clark.

  • He's unstoppable.

  • Yanis and the Bucks roared off the blocks with the reigning M v P.

  • Looking even better cheap looking for that Luca Dantchev was becoming a one name star, seemingly overnight heading straight for elite.

  • The league was rolling incredibly sad news with the passing of David Stern, a man who oversaw the MBA is it's commissioner for 30 years.

  • On January 1st, former commissioner David Stern died at the age of 77.

  • Stern was a titan of the game at the forefront of the league's exponential growth, expanding it on a global scale.

  • The league pressed on scythe.

  • Zion made his debut in January, obliterating the height like it was a rim and backdoor.

  • LeBron and a D, where the ruling class of L A The Bucks were flirting was 70 wins.

  • The Raptors resiliency was inspirational in the 70 Sixers were becoming a hot mess.

  • Breaking news.

  • Kobe Bryant died earlier this afternoon in Los Angeles.

  • On January 26th, helicopter crashed in Calabasas, California, killing all nine people on board, including Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna.

  • The league stopped in its tracks with impromptu tributes.

  • His teams took eight and 24 2nd violations.

  • The world mourned the loss of a figure bigger than basketball league pressed on, the Rockets went all in on a bizarre, bold micro ball experiment.

  • Damian Lillard spent two weeks living in game time on March 11th.

  • Everything changed Tonight has been postponed.

  • Seconds before the thunder and jazz tipped off in Oklahoma City, game was stopped.

  • Rudy Gobert had tested positive for the coronavirus.

  • Within minutes, Thea NBA season was suspended.

  • The game, the league, the sports world.

  • The country came to a halt, but again, the league pressed on under the backdrop of the country undergoing a social justice reckoning.

  • Thean Ba restarted in Orlando three months after it stopped, and it was coming back with a mission to educate, to inform, to understand, to say her name.

  • We've been trying to fight for 400 years, even though these people are gone.

  • Excuse me a lot.

  • Despite the overwhelming plea for change, there has been no action.

  • So our focus today cannot be more basketball in the void of empty arenas with virtual fans on digital boards on piped in crowd noise.

  • Theo games They were good.

  • Booker for the wind.

  • Got it.

  • Sons became the bubble Cinderella's suddenly the scariest squad in the league.

  • Oh, good shot Goodness!

  • Lillard made good on his statements that he wasn't showing up unless he had a chance.

  • Playoffs still had stakes.

  • Intensity, drama, back adventure, twin scuffles, storylines, trash talk.

  • Seven game.

  • Siri's Jamal Murray and Nicole yogurts led the Nuggets to historic back to back 31 comebacks.

  • Clippers were the second victim, their chemistry issues exposed as they imploded in seven games.

  • Boston and Toronto played a classic Siri's oh, gee, Anna, no be hot potato ing in a Game one but the but the Celtics took it in seven bubbles.

  • Best coffee CEO Jimmy Butler sparked the fifth seeded Heat to roar through the East, taking down Yannis and the number one seed bucks and then grinding past Boston and six to earn a trip to the NBA Finals.

  • He says, Get it out of here In 355 days after the Los Angeles Lakers opened the season, they stood as its champions.

  • That's it.

  • It's over.

  • This historic 2020 MBA championship belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers, lifting the franchises historic 17th fan LeBron had his fourth ring and an official seat at the goat discussion table and for the league to get to the finish line and crown a 2019 20 champion with so much off the court is on, it's a moment do its own celebration and appreciation.

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big shot big cited around town that Big James Harden up fighting throwing goes out.

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