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  • uncertainty is the worst thing for a business because you can't plan.

  • You can't know how maney Busses do I need.

  • Who do I need to hire?

  • Do I need thio?

  • You know, downsize the officers you have in Victoria like, what do we need to Dio?

  • And I was just speaking with, uh, gentlemen this morning in the it looks after the pub industry, and he was saying with two days notice, these pumps were shot in Liverpool, and now the brewers didn't even know.

  • So they've got all this, you know, brew and a land now that they're sitting on it because they didn't know.

  • So it's this and I've spoken to so many entrepreneurs that say I need I need lead time.

  • I need to know what's gonna happen.

  • Otherwise it's almost doubly worse for them is businesses.

  • Yeah, Andre, you know, we have we have the same thing.

  • Really?

  • You're making on decisions live with information that Z being released at the last minute e actually think back Thio to march where we were saying Okay, well, how bad could this get?

  • Well, I guess we could be 30 40% down, and we're gonna have Thio drop off a couple of Busses.

  • Then almost a day later, we were saying No, actually, we're gonna be 60 70% down, And then a day later, it's like, I don't know, we're going to close tomorrow on do it moved so quickly back in March like nothing you could ever imagine.

  • Really?

  • So I think we've We've learned to try and be agile on DSO We've got a very clear plan for what it is that we do, what service we run.

  • What staff were gonna bring in depending on what happens?

  • Um on That's as good as we could be.

  • Really, We just way internally plan and scenario, plan ourselves and get ready for what hits us.

  • One of things I've been talking about lately is it feels like there's a disproportionate response to the virus.

  • Andi hospitality sector in general, I think, is responsible according to Public Health England for like, 3.3% of transmissions and I'm guessing tourism probably isn't far behind that.

  • And yet we see that industry almost targeted to be shut down.

  • And I know a lot of people are frustrated, especially because they took measures.

  • Some of the best measures, probably some of the cleanest places you could be, because usually their businesses keeping things clean.

  • You guys have open Airbus's, I mean, for God's sakes, you know, and again you have all the contact list pieces.

  • Aziz.

  • Well, is it frustrating when you see the government shutdown industries that that actually are crucial for the economy and you would think would be the smartest wants to keep open?

  • It's e.

  • It is a tricky area.

  • So, in fact, funnily enough, one of the things that strikes me at the moment is that our business is unlikely to be shut down.

  • Um, because we run a essentially a service operating license under TfL say were like were deemed like a service bus, although we're knocks for an open air bus and it z outdoors.

  • So it's much safer than a service, but I would say caved wise.

  • But actually, with the new coronavirus job support scheme that's been released, Onda changes to that of the chancellor announced in the last week or so.

  • Um, they are that the government will support businesses that they forced to close, but actually, ones like ours that probably won't be told We have to close, but well, actually not have any custom won't get that support.

  • So kind of, ironically, in some in some regards.

  • Actually, there's a scenario that says I'd prefer us to be told to close so we could claim the effectively.

  • What is the new government support Rather than what?

  • What?

  • What?

  • I think based on my reading of the rules will happen now, which is that we we might have to close anyway.

  • But we're not actually told him.

  • And you know what I mean?

  • Yeah, I think we're seeing a similar thing.

  • Uh, with the pubs in London where you know, they don't they're not told to close, but you can't go there and meet anyone else.

  • So why would you go?

  • So they don't qualify for the job retention scheme, and so they kind of slowly bleed out, right?

  • That's my fair.

  • Yeah, right.

  • And same with you, because you just don't have customers.

  • Yeah, and, um, in some regards, I'd like to say I'd say it z government's fault for shutting us down, but actually it z the there is There are no tourists, Andi, that's that's the biggest existential challenge for us.

  • Is actually that ideally, what we want is at least the government toe recognize and support the fact that there are no tourists.

  • And therefore what are we to do?

uncertainty is the worst thing for a business because you can't plan.

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