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  • and now take sole possession of first place in the terrible NFC East.

  • And according to our analytics, they have close to a 60% chance toe walk away division champions.

  • So now let's sit back and take a look at the division in its entirety.

  • And the biggest issue the Dallas Cowboys have had has been turnovers.

  • They keep turning the football over.

  • But Rob Ninkovich said that he knows what Bill Belichick would do to solve that problem immediately.

  • Rob, the floor is yours.

  • So Bill Belichick, after one fumble, would have walked over to the training staff, grabbed a pair of scissors and walked over to Zeke and cut off his sleeves.

  • Because if you hold the football in your arm, if you hold the ball like this and you have a sleeve on, you know how easy it is to knock that out, you have no grip right here.

  • If you're running back or receiver, you don't wear sleeves that Zatz like just you know that Rule number one don't wear sleeves because ball security is your number one rule.

  • As a running back, secure the football.

  • The fate of the team is in your hands Bill Belichick would have before he went even out on that field would have said, Take off those sleeves.

  • What are you doing?

  • After the first bumble, he would have walked over and cut him off.

  • After the second, I was yelling at the television, take his sleeves off, take his sleeves off.

  • If I was a defender going to get the running back, if it was cold outside and had sleeves on, take the ball off him.

  • Punch you strip it out.

  • You can't hold onto the ball with sleeves.

  • What do you think our say?

  • No, that's exactly right.

  • That's the first thing I said when I was asked.

  • This question on my first call for the Monday's show was, Why is he wearing sleeves on so many different teams?

  • The running backs aren't allowed to wear sleeves.

  • The running backs or anyone that carries the ball can't wear seeds because Rob's exactly right.

  • You can punch the ball out, the ball slips.

  • It's easier to pull and tug on it and forced fumbles.

  • What I was really expecting Rob to say was after the first fumble he was going to cut the sleeves off.

  • Then, after the second one, he'd cut his arms off like that's the type of build better ships, stories E was expecting because you know what?

  • When Mike McCarthy put Pollard in, that was like cutting off Ezekiel Elliott's arms.

  • That was saying you, you know what?

  • You can't do this anymore.

  • But what this team is experiencing is that same thing that new addition was experiencing when they fired Bobby Brown.

  • Bobby Brown is gone.

  • Your charismatic leader is gone.

  • Can Johnny Gill step up and do the job?

  • Ken Bell would build the vote, do what they need to do.

  • And the backup singers weren't doing what they need to do on Monday.

  • And the leader of that group is Ezekiel Elliott.

  • So if he's fumbling and he's now taking accountability for it, you got to come out and play better this week, and that better be without sleeves underneath your shoulder pads.

  • Speaking of taking accountability, Bart Scott, I've not had you here this entire weekend.

  • It's been a lot of talk about the anonymous sources and the Cowboys locker room, and their defense has been so bad.

  • I'm just curious to hear what your thoughts have been on that I mean, whenever we would have these situation in Baltimore, the anonymous sources, we would call that I smell diesel fuel because that means that somebody is back in the bus over somebody else.

  • And in this case, it was Mike McCarthy and it was Mike Nolan.

  • And I think, Listen, that's cowardice, right?

  • First of all, if you have something to say and I think it was a lot of coded language when you heard Mike McCarthy said, Come talk to me and talk to me as a man because we're grown up now.

  • This isn't this isn't high school.

  • This is in college.

  • This is professional football and men have conversations, tough conversations with each other.

  • I don't care if it's my culture.

  • Not if I had an issue of what was going on with Mike Nolan or what was going on with what we're running.

  • Listen, it was really easy to be a front running a front runner when you know Dak Prescott was putting up 500 yards.

  • But now that you know the office he could coach, then, right?

  • Listen, every time you have a new coach, and I'm sure when Tomlin came in, you know Ryan had to deal with as well.

  • I had it with hardball.

  • You're always gonna hit a tough spot, right?

  • But you know, adversity doesn't define character, it reveals it.

  • And this cowboy's revealed what type of character they have.

  • They have a lot of front running cowardice football players, and they listen.

  • They're not smart, right?

  • So you talk about Mike Nolan.

  • I've been around Mike Nolan, and one thing I know about Mike Nolan is he's always prepared, overly prepared.

  • He's the defense coordinator responsible for turning the Ravens into a 34 defense, so he has to answer to the test.

  • But he doesn't have enough players with football acumen to be able to take what he's teaching and be able to apply it on the football field.

  • We may have to come back to that one because I have other things I need to get to, but that is a very I could see the look on our seas face.

  • That is an interesting thought.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

and now take sole possession of first place in the terrible NFC East.

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Bart Scott: The Cowboys have a lot of ‘cowardice’ front-running football players | Get Up

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