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  • in japan there are so many different types of ic cards.there are actually nine types of them  

  • which can be used in any prefectures butcan't i couldn't remember so let me just read it

  • they're really convenient because we  are able to use it in so many places  

  • so we don't need to carry cash as much as  before but can we really use it everywhere  

  • so today i have set myself a challenge cansurvive a day in japan using SUICA with a budget  

  • seeing how many places i can  and can't use my SUICA card

  • guys let's go

  • while we are heading to harajuku let me tell you how to buy a sika there are two ways to buy it  

  • number one download the app. You can download the app to your phone using either google play  

  • or apple store

  • number two buy it at the station 

  • most stations sell ic cards at the commuters sells  

  • counters located in the stations and can also be purchased at the top of machines located outside  the gates

  • okay we're here first stop will be  my favorite ramen shop in harajuku follow me

  • before heading there i want  to buy something to drink

  • let's go

  • it's been a while since i've been to this ramen shop so i'm really excited i'm not sure if we can  

  • use SUICA at this particular shop harajuku brands though i could use suica with other branches  

  • of this ramen shop before so i think we can have high hopes here

  • this challenge is actually harder thanthought suddenly not every restaurant allows  

  • us to play with SUICA yet oh well we just need to give up on this awesome ramen shop this time  

  • let's just buy lunch at the convenience store

  • i still want to eat ramen and feel a bit sad about it but you know what let's just move on and think  

  • positively japanese company BENTOs are actually really tasty and if we just buy something there  

  • and eat at the park we can save money so it's not too bad also it's a perfect weather for picnic

  • tamago sandwich featuring my dirty finger

  • i'm full Since we are in the Harajuku area i want to go to takeshita street and do some shopping  

  • i hope i can buy something there using my suica 

  • up oh before going there i want to test something  

  • let's go

  • to test if you can use SUICA for taxi let's  wride one. In japan most of the taxi companies  

  • allow us to pay with suica.

  • let's try at my favorite shop to see  if we can go shopping using our SUICA

  • okay seems like we can use zika here so let's pick one

  • i decided to buy this pen case, Yellow one

  • so i wanted to buy some souvenir for my  mom at this super cute accessory shop but  

  • sadly we can't use suica here  so let's move to the next shop

  • i'll come back here next time okay

  • i tried four shops in total and i could  only pay with my suica at two out of them  

  • so when it comes to shopping about fifty percent of the shops in central tokyo let us use Suica

  • oh that's so cute maybe i should  buy some of them for my niece kawaii

  • i hope we can use zika here i'll

  • those are so cute key holders for souvenir too  

  • anyways and really happy i hope my  niece will be happy with my presents too

  • i thought it's easy to find a nice  restaurant where we can pay using sika  

  • but turns out it's not that easy to find  one in shinjuku but it's still fine we  

  • just need to ask around to see if we can use it or not let's do a small japanese lesson  

  • quickly here's the phrase when you want to  ask if we can play using your suica sumimasen

  • which means excuse me can i use SUICA let's ask

  • okay now we're in the izakaya so let's order  something izakaya in japan are super convenient  

  • as we are able to order using touchpad screens that usually have the option to be translated  

  • into many languages so let's go with english we can check our bills from this touch panel  

  • so it's like when we split it's around 2000 yen per person okay i'm not gonna order any more then  

  • i also like the fact that it's reasonable  and most importantly water comes free  

  • okay let's go pay with SUICA

  • now i'm full and tired let's find  a hotel where we can use SUICA

  • okay that was quite an adventure today i hope this video can be your help in the near future  

  • also i'll definitely go to that ramen shop  tomorrow anyways until next time good night

in japan there are so many different types of ic cards.there are actually nine types of them  

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Suica challange on a budget in Tokyo

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    Summer posted on 2020/10/24
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