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  • are you keeping up with people during pandemic?

  • You?

  • Are you zooming with a lot of people?

  • What's going on?

  • I think the one thing that I've noticed eyes you know, you you check in with people and you realize who you care about because that's who you check in with, right?

  • Like you go.

  • I haven't talked to so and so in a little while.

  • I wonder how they're doing.

  • Basically, you realize who you love.

  • You realize who you love.

  • But you also realize who doesn't like you at all, because they don't check in on you.

  • Now that it's been about 67 months, you just go.

  • Wow, That person must hate me because they don't know if I'm just dead in my house right now.

  • They they do not care for me at all.

  • You know, it just occurred to me This is the first time we've talked, maybe in Covitz.

  • So maybe neither one of us really cares about the other one.

  • That's true because I did your podcast also right before co vid Conan needs a friend.

  • We realized on the podcast that we were not gonna be friends, that we have the ability because we live like, 200 yards from each other on we don't do it.

  • And so I think I feel comfortable knowing not on the table.

  • It's always gonna be about here, Largo.

  • But you know, when you're hurting inside like something's happening in your life, you're not gonna call may and share.

  • I don't think I'm gonna call you in that situation.

  • I may call you.

  • The only reason I call you is to say your books are much too close to your fireplace.

  • That I might say, that is a fire hazard.

  • That is a terrible fire hazard.

  • There's a lot of ah lot of hoarding here.

  • Yeah, I I'm a hoarder.

  • This is what I realized is that I have just so much stuff around me.

  • I mean, this is how much I hoard.

  • I've got a Pete Holmes a mouse pad.

  • No one has a Pete Holmes mouse pad.

  • No, Pete got it for me so I wouldn't forget about him after crashing.

  • He wants toe on my hand that za new level.

  • That's a new level of sad.

  • Well, our show is done, but I'm getting you a mouse pad of myself.

  • So you have to keep thinking about me.

  • Yeah, yeah, No.

  • Hang on to that.

  • That za valuable thing toe.

  • Have Pete Holmes checked in on me?

  • Yeah, of course he did.

  • You and he, you guys care about each other.

  • That's when I you're dead inside.

  • Yes, that's true.

  • That's true.

  • Do you feel that?

  • That's what you've learned about yourself in this time?

  • Because I think a lot about what am I supposed to be learning during this pause during this purgatory?

  • And none of it's been good.

  • I don't feel like any of it has been good.

  • I feel like show business right now is a phantom limb, like we're all trying to pretend it's still there.

  • But it's not there like you're in Largo right now, pretending show business exists.

  • I'm doing my best to keep this facade going that there is show business, but there isn't show business, you know.

  • And, uh, there's nothing.

  • There's just and everything's a zoom like I can't get used to.

  • When I read a review of a play, it's just a picture of to zoom squares like you read a review in New York, Times of they feel like it's a stunning new play, and it's four people on a zoom, and there's no way that that that's what show business has become.

  • Do you find that when you're on a zoom, you think of you fart?

  • People can't hear it.

  • I think that that's all.

  • I think that's pretty much all.

  • I have been thinking that the whole time.

  • You know, if it's all I think e it can't get through the sound, it can't get through the zoom.

are you keeping up with people during pandemic?

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